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Passenger Update

Added: Friday, October 22nd 2021 at 9:22pm by maggiesnextphase

My OD passenger called me today.   It was so good to hear his voice and know that he was ok!  He was emotional, apologetic, and grateful, which was nice.  I was just glad to hear from him.   

However, when he talked, he seemed inordinately concerned about a lunch pail that he said he had brought with him in the van.  I knew of no such pail.  He seemed to think the other guy stole it!

You know... the guy who saved his life.  This was not good to hear.  On top of that, he insisted that he was having a "panic attack".   I'm guessing that he was saying that for the sake of other people present in his room. 

I don't know everything, but I don't believe panic attacks usually result in a prolonged unconsciousness state.  I asked him if he took anything for his panic attack.   He said no.

I don't know why he would think he needed to lie, but, whatever. 

He said that if something like this had to happen, he was glad it was me and that other passenger that it happened with.   He knows we care enough to do all we can.  

Meanwhile my boss is probably looking at all the videos, trying to discern if I handled it appropriately.   Nobody has criticized it at this point.  Only sympathy.  They scheduled me for Monday, but not to the methadone clinic.   Frankly, I'm worried that they may decide those passengers are too risky or something.  I would hate for that to happen. 

And did I mention that my grand daughter is here?  (We just had a movie night together).  Or that I'm barely recovered from a back strain?  Tomorrow I have a flooring emergency to deal with in my rental next door.   

...And at some point during the day I need to hear what is going on with a friend, who called in distress at a moment when I couldn't give her the time and attention she deserves. 

But right now I'm just going to go to bed.  So far... all's well that ends well.   Let's hope tomorrow is a success.  And PRAY for a peaceful week next week!


User Comments

Hope the floor emergency in the rental isn't too bad.


It's bad.  Couldn't get it done in a day... so I know what we're going to be doing tomorrow. 

Always in prayers but it is nice to know a few things to ask for. Hugs

Thank you Kat!!  ❤

At least you know the guy was ok after his health issue.


Yes... thank goodness!!

You must of been relieved to hear the passengers voice!  Its good he pulled through.  One less worry.

Good luck with that flooring.  I hope that goes well for you.

Thank you!  Yes... so good to hear from him. 

Floor job is much harder than expected.   Part 2 will have to be done tomorrow. 

The guy might have brain damage because of the OD. He could be halucinating or be suffering a paranoid episode due to psychological stress. Sounds like he's not completely home and dry yet.

Women are built to care and often respond well in a crisis. You probably behaved perfectly correctly, Maggie.

Thank you.   Those are good points.  I'll probably learn more about what's going on with him next week... assuming we carry on with the program and rides.

And thanks for the vote of confidence!

You done good, chicklet.

Thank you!  He lived... so I guess I can stop stressing.   WHEW!

That's happy news.  I hope he continues to seek treatment and eventually gets off the methadone.  It's one of the more dangerous narcotics in regards to it's long half-life and how it can build up in one's system.

I drove them both again this morning.   He was in good spirits, and let me know how this happened.   Couldn't find his dropper for the designer benzos he takes every day (undetectable except by comprehensive test). He "guestimated" that a small cap full was the equivalent of his usual 8 drop dose.  It clearly wasn't.   Not by a long shot!  He is very grateful to be alive!   Traumatized, but rolling with the punches.

I'm not up to par for comments but want you to know I'm glad you're here posting. 

Thank you!  You know me... I can't stay away for very long. 

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