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Parents aren't "safe"...

Added: Thursday, May 12th 2022 at 7:03am by maggiesnextphase

... and other manipulative language that can potentially change the trajectory of your child's life.


User Comments

I couldn't stomach watching the whole thing. What are they doing to kids. I'm glad I stopped teaching.

It's insane!  I wish this was an isolated case, but I know it isn't. 

A quote of mine which I often use:

"For the most part... What a person is now, has been in the past, or might be in the future, they will have learned ...and there have ben a LOT of very lousy parents & other teachers!

Especially NOW!

Yeah....lawlessness breeds spoiled brats = psychopath lite   ...& worse & worse!

Mark my words, anyone who does not enthusiastically go along with the extreme left's agenda will soon be surveilled as a potential domestic terrorist.


The Ministry of Truth.

Apparently it's what we've come to.  SMH

It's not soon, it's now. People are already surveilled and treated as domestic terrorists. Nothing new or soon to arrive - only to get worse. This is the state doing what it does. It does illegal things for a long time and then eventually gets around to making them legal. 


Agreed.  In fact, it's been going on at least since the mid 80s, when yours truly was identified as such, and both the DOJ and FBI set out to ruin our lives by lying to our neighbors, landlords, employers, and extended family members.  Glad most of 'em were smart enough to see right through the lies.



I'm probably in deep doo-doo.  😬

Sending one's kid/s to public school in this day n agr - even one that ranks very high - results in non-reproducing (unless "by accident") grown kids groomed to fit LGBTQXYZ

Sadly, that seems to be the case. 

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