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Added: Wednesday, March 29th 2023 at 9:38pm by maggiesnextphase

Not sure what to put in this new post, lol, but maybe I'll figure it out as I go.  And while I don't want my whole post to be about this, I'll get it out of the way now.  Today I'm officially, 'OVERWEIGHT'!!  Yes... so strange that anyone would be happy about that, but... that's the situation. 

I had a particularly cantankerous passenger this morning.  He was cussing up a storm even before I wheeled him out of the care center where he lives.  At first I thought it might be Alzheimer's.   Nope.   He's just like that.  Boy was I glad when I finally got him home again. 

Such a contrast to yesterday's passenger.   That guy was so happy to be out on a long drive with another human.   He wanted to stop on the way home and get us both a burger.  As it turned out, I had another passenger to hurry home for, so we weren't able to.   Nice gesture though.  Maybe next time.

After dropping off grumpy, I picked up a lady who wanted to buy a giant pot for her yew bush, and then come right home.  While she was paying for it I tried to pick it up.  It was HEAVY! 

She got a store attendant to carry it to the car.  She said she planned on "rolling it" to her porch.  I could just envision it chipping or cracking in the process.   So I called Hubby to see if he was free.  He said "no, I'm not free... I'm expensive!"  Lol.  

Of course he was willing to help my lady with her pot.  He lugged it to her front door and placed it where she pointed.  She was SO THANKFUL!  It was certainly a better ending to my day than how it started out.

I got off fairly early so Hubby and I went on a little mini-date.  We both needed that.  We watched Little Man for about 15 days straight, and this was the first day without him. 

Saturday is the anniversary of the day we met.  Yup... April Fool's Day.   I think we're going to have some fun. 

Well, that's about it.   Y'all be good now!


User Comments

I have a relative that is always cussing up a storm. I kid him that if he gets dementia instead of yelling and screaming like they can do at times, it will have the opposite effect on him and turn him angelic.

Hahaha!  If he gets dementia... that would be a blessing!

I know one thing here in Eugene with Ride Source, and you were like him, and they asked him to pipe down and kept swearing they would have not take him. IU am surprised you took him? Bro. Doc

A disabled man in a wheelchair going to the hospital?  Heck yeah I'm gonna take him.

You would, but around here the way he was acting they would called for EMT to come get him. That is how it would of worked here Maggie. I think you took your life in your hands. But I am glad your ok. Bro. Doc

You certainly do meet some interesting people at work. I suppose that one guy was grumpy because he has to live in an assited living facility. That could make a heathen out of all of us, especially me.

You've got a point!

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