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New Day

Added: Sunday, February 17th 2019 at 8:56am by maggiesnextphase

It was a lot quieter last night, with no activity upstairs.  I Slept very well!  And this morning I got ready for my lesson sans cat... who has taken up residence in my chair.  Thankfully he was too comfy there to be bothered to bother me.

I was cutting out little animals and other nature's creations for my class.  I also made a Fishing pole with a clothes pin attached.  We're gonna go fishing in a bucket for things to put on our 'world'. 

My other class used to LOVE 'fishing'.  I hope these guys will too.  They're a little Younger, and so you Can't Always Count on Them Going With the Program.  We Shall See...

It's a Beautiful Morning Here Today.  The Sun Is Shining On Heavy Frost, Making It Look Like It Had Snowed.  I Wanted to Move The Car So The Sun Could Thaw Out My Windshield.  The Door was Frozen Shut!

I'm sure this is nothing compared to what many of you experience on a regular basis. 

Anyway, I am ready super early so I just wanted to pop in.  Hope you all have a great day!

User Comments

Good morning Maggie!! What a wonderful way to start my day with your world and a fresh new day. Prayers for your day to be peaceful and warm.

Thank you!  It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do, lol.  Thanks for those prayers!  Blessings to you, too!

Hello Maggie.  Glad you had a good nights sleep and may you have an equally wonderful Sunday.  It's going to be in the 70s here all week.  My neighbor's lawn mower woke me up this morning.  I'll get to mine this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. {#happy2.gif}

Thank you!  Mowing lawns!  Well, sure is different weather where you are, isn't it!  But you are reminding me of what used to wake me up nearly every morning in California... lawn mowers!  And hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers... and the list goes on.  I never hear that stuff anymore, lol.  Different noises, of course, but I guess we all have something,  huh.

Lol, if we weren't complaining about one noise, it would be about something else.  :)


Glad you slept well last night.  

Bet the little ones will love fishing in the bucket :-)

Thank you!  Yes, they did!  I'll be doing it again sometime. 

If the noise was disturbing your peace, maybe it was creating stress for the cat that resulted in the annoying behavior? Sometimes though, annoying us iseems to be their reason for living. lol

Lol... I think it was the latter.   That, and being cold.  He tends to be a winter lap cat only.

Sunday, beautiful Sunday!  How special that you have the little tykes to look forward to fishing with.  What kinds of things do they catch?

I put little cut-outs of animals, flowers, butterflies, and trees in the bucket.  They fished them out and stuck them to the wall.  They really are a delight!

What fun!

Lesson learned, always park the car with the windshield facing where the morning sun would be just in case.

That does look nice and frosty to start the day dealing with.

I had to block the driveway in order to catch some rays.  It's the only place where the sun shines in the morning.  I am just glad I went out looking for a 'Fishing pole', so I knew to move it.  Frost makes me late to more things than I care to admit. 

Your game sounds so much fun. Glad you got a good nights sleep too.

Thank you!  Me too!

I as usual have started at the wrong end of reading, but I'll find out down the line about the upstairs noise, and not sleeping.

You really never cease to amaze me, with the things you come up with for the little people, well done you.

I am so grateful to be able to do this job!  They really do respond to the things you do for them.  It's very rewarding!

I imagine it is rewarding, nothing better than seeing happy little people.

{#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif}


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