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New baby pics

Added: Tuesday, October 8th 2019 at 6:06am by maggiesnextphase

His "Cute pose"... (they're making me do this!)

"Big Brother"

First walk around the block... (Yes... there really is a baby in there!)

We got to video chat with them yesterday.   Baby was fussy, so we had to cut it short.   My daughter had to have a c-section, so she looked kinda tired and ready for some rest.  Dad was over-the-moon!  Lol.  

He wants to make sure that we have many more video chats... so we can be part of baby's life.  I want that too.   It's hard not being there.

User Comments

YAY for you, grannie!!  Beautiful baby.

Thank you!  😊😊😊

Beautiful child Maggie. Congrats to all once again, and I hope you can have tons of video chats and some visits :)

Thank you!  Me too!

He is so cute!

Congrats to you Grammy AND Grampa!  :)

Thank you!  😊

Nice pictures Maggie. So I guess they leave far enough you just can't drive there? Bro. Doc

Nope.   Need to fly... across the pond.

I guess they are in England. Long was. Guess one of them is English then. A relative from here lives in Liverpool. He married an English girl. They did live in London and moved there after he retired because her mother needed a little help. Bro. Doc


England is a nice place I hear from my relative. Bro. Doc

They sure like it!

Glad they like it. My relative has been there nearly 30 years. 20 some years he was a Jazz Prof. at Burnel University in London. Bro. Doc

He is a cutie

☺  yeah... he is, lol.

This is so neat! Love it.

Lol... thanks!   Me too!  

Congratulations!! He is adorable. 

Thank you!!  

The cat has a look like, ' you woke me up just to take a picture'.....LOL


A cutey pie. So handsome.

Thank you!  We think so too, lol!


What is that Maggie?  ☺   ...too small to see...

How'd you do that?

It's from my phone. 



he's adorable!!  Congratulations Granma!!!...{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

Thank you!!  😊

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