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My Day Yesterday...

Added: Thursday, October 10th 2019 at 4:32am by maggiesnextphase

It was a very bittersweet drive yesterday.   I was taking a woman to the Eye Clinic.   She has been having a problem for a long time, but recently she fell down... and suddenly everything went black.

She needed help into the car, in the  bathroom, getting to the right place... etc.  I sure hope they can DO something!

The first leg of our drive was done in the dark, but as we crested the hills, the sun was making her appearance.  I always appreciate the beauty around me, but maybe even more so on that particular morning. 

But of course... old mother nature was putting on a spectacular show!  Everywhere I went was something interesting.  Craggy blackened swamp trees... stark against orange cream skies... mirrored by the water.  

Around another bend... quilts of farmland, in patterns of freshly plowed brown, just harvested gold, and stripes of a work in progress.  The mists hovered and danced, shrouding unremarkable Buildings in soft focus loveliness.  

Autumn colors were popping up all over the place.  It was GORGEOUS!  It was like that ALL DAY!   I thought to myself... 'I don't know what I would do if I couldn't SEE this'. 

Then... this morning, I realize that if I didn't have this job... I WOULDN'T see it!  I'd be in bed, or sitting in my recliner... missing the whole thing.  We really do live far below our privileges, don't we. 



User Comments

My father went blind and he said it was not as bad as everyone said it was. He missed things...not totally blind but legally blind. Bumping into stuff and not being able to see faces of those he loved was the worst.

I feel blessed each day I can see and enjoy those beautiful sunrises and fall colors, flowers, and blue skies.

Indeed, we sometimes forget how lucky we are.

It's true... we do!  It's nice to be reminded... by getting outside and relishing it .

Hearing you describe what you see everyday, I see the beauty in my mind but I know its not the same as seeing all that magnificence in person.

Yes Maggie, you are blessed with beautiful sceneries to look at, a job you love, new experiences everyday and a good family.  You have much to be thankful for, which I know you know this too {#basic-smile.gif}  Life is good.

Indeed!  Life IS GOOD!  ☺

Yes, we do. I realized yesterday while I was driving to my doctor's appointment how much the leaves had changed since I had been out of the house. And I've been missing it all because I'm usually sandwiched inbetween these four walls that never change. I probably should try to get out more. 

It's so good for the soul to see the seasons change!  Right now I'm watching leaves blowing in a swirl.  It's just so cool!

Been tellin ya that, Amala, it really helps.

Even if you just spend 15 minutes on the porch or deck with a morning coffee ( or substitute beverage of your choice) it's helpful to get outdoors whenever the weather permits.

I cannot do it when temps are extreme, it slays my ravaged lungs, but in the spring and fall?  Gotta get me some fresh air while the gettin's good.

@maggie--Your description put me right there! 

"...Craggy blackened swamp trees... stark against orange cream skies... mirrored by the water ... "

Orange cream skies...yeah, I was there, for a moment at least!

I SOOO wish I could have gotten a picture!!

I can remember how sweet the air always used to taste when I was a kid. And I used to be out in it a lot. But my ailments tend to keep me indoors these days. That's why I don't get out much. 

🙁  that's too bad.

Sometimes we do not realize what we have until it is not there, and we see someone on worse condition. Bro. Doc

Too true!

Just think, Vampires never see dawn breaking since they must be in their coffin by then. {#basic-laugh.gif}

When my mother was alive she used to always say she could deal with not walking, but wish she still had her eyesight. She was so right.

It would be extremely hard for me, too.  I'm going to try to appreciate it every chance I get!

You make me realize I need to get out of the house more often. At first I wondered where are the pictures but then I thought...What a vivid picture you make with your words.

Oh... I can't tell you how many times I wished I could have stopped to take a picture yesterday!  So many that we never would have gotten to our destination!  Words will have to suffice... for now....

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