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Morning mist pics

Added: Monday, April 15th 2019 at 7:32am by maggiesnextphase






User Comments

Now, I don't know the sign with all of where things are and how far? Guess I have never been where I would see it. Bro. Doc

I know I have passed by this sign a bajillion times, but this is the first time i've ever gotten close enough to read it!  

So where is it located? I would love to see it the next time I go to Portland. Bro. Doc

Maggie, these are beautiful!  I could see myself in any of those pics with a hot mug of coffee just enjoying the breathtaking views!

This is my new 'office'!  I feel so blessed!

Well your "office" has THEE best sights ever, lol!


God is a fantastic painter.

He sure is!

Someone must really like Disneyland to include it on the sign....LOL

Who doesn't love Disney Land?

I'm not a fan since I used to live by DL and it was just a driving tourist mess in summer, especially on weekends.....LOL

Yeah... that would sour me on it, too. 

Very pretty

Thank you!  I think I'm gonna like this job!

Okay, where IS this sign.  It's cool as heck, wherever it is!

Beautiful photos, by the way.  Please continue to share with us!

Ironically, it's sitting at the head of a dead end street!  Lol.

That's hilarious!


"You can't get there from here..." lol


Did you take these pics Maggie - they are really beautiful.

Yes!  I took them during my time to kill.  Kinda nice being outside in the early morning with nothing to do but appreciate the scenery.

Well the scenery is certainly stunning.  Lucky you Maggie living there.

That's how I'm feeling right now!  Lucky ME!


Thank you!  I can't take much credit really.  I'm just the photographer. 

Neat pictures. Remind me of my grandmother's old farm.

Everything looks better shrouded in mist, don't you think!

Yes, it gives them an eerie, supernatural quality. 

O' Wow these are beautiful ! {#apploud.gif} I could totally see myself sitting on the porch with a cozy sweater and some hot cocoa as it turned morning. How peaceful these make me feel. (relaxed just looking at them). 

I'm seriously going to have to bring a thermos of cocoa next time I'm out this early!  I may not have a porch, but I do have a front row seat!

Sounds amazing.  I don't have that kind of view but I am thankful to have nature around us enough we can enjoy the sky and changing leaves etc... When I was young I thought O' maybe I'll move to a city but I soon learned I need nature and not cement.

So do I!  

They are just lovely Maggie, I will be so glad when we have mists like that, "I have a feeling winter has forgotten about us down under"  {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Most likely winter is just 'fashionably late'.  Soon she'll surprise you with a GRAND ENTRANCE.

lol, probably,

Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you!


Takin' a bow... {#basic-wink.gif}

Alaska is a lot closer than I thought. Driving distance in two days. Also the North Pole is what 4-5 days drive. Hmmmm that sounds like a fun trip. Except for the driving in ice and snow part.

I wonder if this was somebody's home school project, lol.  I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the miles, but yeah... Alaska is a lot closer than I thought, too!

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