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Mom and Dad to the Rescue!

Added: Thursday, January 10th 2019 at 3:21pm by maggiesnextphase

She said someone died... naked... on a toilet.  That got our attention!  They told her it was from an infection.   it didn't ring true.  She Said She's Been Stranded There For Five Days.  That's About How Long It's been Quiet Around Here.

She said she didn't know where she was.  We asked her to find an address on any of the houses so we could help her figure it out.   There were no visible addresses anywhere.

It took some walking around before she could find a street sign.  She was afraid.  She said the people she was with were kinda sketchy.  For HER to say that... is something!

She gave me a street name, but she got it wrong.  Upon looking it up, the street she gave us was in the general region where she thought she was, but wrong town. 

She said she was trying to find a ride home.  I told her her dad was willing to come.  She said she'd keep trying and get back to us.  We knew we were the last  people she would want to be cooped up in a car with .

While we waited, she got herself to a different location.   i guess after walking around she got her bearings and was able to walk to the house of some people she knows.  She would have done that sooner if she had known where she was...

After awhile, she accepted our offer.  I guess there aren't too many people who want to drive that far... At night... in the rain.  We had to promise not to lecture... or do anything else that would make her feel worse than she already did.  We Agreed.

The People she Knew Seemed Nice, But She Still Had Stuff to Pick up From the Other Place.  When We Saw What Kind of Place It was, We Were Glad She Got Out.

It Looked like Some Sort of Homeless Encampment On Private property.  There Were Steel Buildings And RVs And Who Knows What Else.  The People She Was STaying With Apparently Live In A Van And A Car.

The First Night She Slept in The Car, Which Was Miserable.  After That She Made Them Move Some of The Junk out Of The Van So She  Could Sleep There.  I Think There Were Two Guys.  

I Was Trying not To Ask Questions Lest I Sound Like I Promised I Wouldn't, But the Big Question On My Mind was How Did She Get Herself into This Situation?

Apparently A Friend She's Known A Long time Had Arranged for Her To Boat Sit In A Completely Different Town.  That's Where She Thought she Was going. 

It turned out not to be Anything Like What She Was Told.  Between that, and the Girl Who Died, She Began fear and Distrust Everyone There.  Enough to Be Willing to Spend 2 Hours With Us Driving.

We Behaved Ourselves.  Sometimes You Just Gotta Put First Things First.

Anyway, That was Our Night.  Today I Worked On The House Next door.  I Made Good Progress... But Now I'm Tired.  Toodles!

User Comments

That would probably get my attention too ... though I would be hard pressed to not demand a full accounting.  Hope it was a bottom ... 

I sure hope so!  This was pretty scary. 

I lived in that world for a while. I woke up and got out. A close fried never did get out. She died. Not on a toilet but in a hospital as a result of her addiction.

It is an ongoing dance with death.  I'm glad you got out.  Our daughter has had so many friends die I've lost count.  

Let us hope this is a starting point for recovery, I really hope so.

I do too!  

Oh, Maggie, that's all so scary.  Thank goodness she had sense enough to call you and get out.

Sending up prayers that this was her rock bottom.

Wishing you all good luck.

Thank you!  Actually, she didn't call me.  I messaged her about the sheriff coming to our door to serve  her papers.  I have to admit, when I saw that the police were at the door, I thought it might be for another reason... since she hasn't been home.  He's probably not used to people being HAPPY about the possibility of being summoned, lol.

In any case, your text was a stroke of luck with the timing!

I can only imagine what a HUGE relief it was to find out why the cop was there.


It was!  And it gave us the pretext to contact her.   I doubt she would have contacted us no matter how dire the situation.  So yes... a definite stroke of luck!

Ahhh but for the love of parents! I hate that this is happening to you and your family Maggie.  I will definitely keep you in prayer and positive thoughts!

Thank you!  

Praying it's a desperately needed wake up call.

I pray that too!

What a scary and weird event all that was.

You said it!

No words maggie...just amazed.  You are good people, kiddo.

It was pretty freaky... that's for sure.  

And thank you!



Wow, I'm glad she's safe at the moment, and hope she's truly felt the pain, the shame, and the consequences of her relapse.

You know that you can offer her shelter as long as she remains sober without enabling her by purchasing the home drug test kits that are sold at most pharmacies and use 'em on her randomly.  (Make sure you're in the bathroom with her when the sample is collected.)

Let her know what the consequences will be if she fails a test, of course, and be willing to stick to your guns, Mamma & Pappa.  And then offer your full support to help her overcome her addiction.

Like they say on Intervention, "There is nothing we won't do to help you live , but there is nothing we will do to help you die ."

I will sacrifice a few hamsters for her at the next full moon.  (smiles)

Seriously though, my heart aches for you all, especially LM.

Those tests are expensive, and we really can't afford to do that.  And it assumes we would be able to catch her between all her comings and goings.  Besides, when she's sober, it's usually with the aid of suboxone, which is opiate based... and would come up positive. 

I like that quote... "there is nothing we won't do..."  

She's doing opiates?  I thought meth was her thing...

She hasn't done meth for a long time.  So yes... herion it is.

Now I am deathly afraid for her.

Maggie, do you have a Narcan kit in your home?  If you don't, I can send you one, but many states have, in the interest of harm reduction, made them available free of charge.

You know...even after many relapses, lots of addicts DO recover.  But a dead addict never gets well. 

I don't mean to scare you too badly but even I am terrified of street heroin, it killed me (was my first purchase, and my last ) three summers ago when I was living in Cleveland.  I had already stopped breathing, and my face, hands, and feet had already turned blue when the paramedics hit me with narcan, which saved my life instantly.

I had only sniffed a dose the size of a match-head.  It was contaminated with fentanyl.  If Simon had arrived home a few minutes later than he did I wouldn't be here typing this today.  (I wrote a poem about it later, called 'Blue and Cooling.')

Forget the remark about hamsters, I truly am praying for her now, and I ain't the praying type.

Praying for you and your hubby too, it's a mighty foe you're all up against, one that ended my first marriage because I refused to fight it. (ex was a dope addict towards the end of our marriage.)

That awful marriage needed to end anyway, but even after all the crap I went through with him, the abuse, the infidelity, the criminal behavior...in the end, it was heroin that brought about the end.

Oh maggie.  Oh no.  (crying here.)

About the narcan... she always keeps two in her purse.  She's had to use it on friends.  Once... fairly recently!  Girl knows how to spring into action! 

Her veins are so shot, it takes her forever to dose up.  I feel that offers some protection against overdose. She is probably more at risk forfthe posibility of it being laced with fentanyl these days as the supply chain has been disrupted, and she may or may not be able to trust her sources.  

I can see why heroin broke up your marriage.  The need for it apparently is stronger than the need for anything else.  I know she wishes she were dead sometimes.  If she doesn't quit, she will probably die before we do.  She's come close a few times that i know about.  And she's revived many that i know about. And somehow that is not motivating enough.  

I am praying that her little scare gets thru to her..

I am praying for that too.

Where was Little Man during all of this? Or is this another daughter you're talking about?

He is with his daddy.  Being that I've been 'fired' as supervisor, and she hasn't found a new one,  she hasn't been able to have her mommy visits.  

I don't want to sound mean or judgemental but considering what you've told us, that's probably a good thing.

It is right now.   

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