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maianh JaddieBlue

Long week

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 11:00pm by maggiesnextphase

I even had a random day off... which I spent recuperating from the marathon day I'd had right before it.  

My boss decided he didn't want me twiddling my thumbs during the four-five hours my dialysis passenger spends in another town.  So they've been tacking on rides before, during, and after.  

This results in my poor passenger having to leave an hour earlier.  And sometimes she has to wait for me at the end as well, making for a very long day.  12 hours in all.  And it's taking its toll. 

I don't think they consider the fact that this woman's health is fragile.   It's one thing to fill up my in between time, but tacking rides before and after just seems insensitive... and maybe even greedy!

When my passengers are stressed out, I feel stressed out, too.  

Today I picked up a new medical rider who needs regular trips 'over-the-hill'.  I don't know very much about this person, but... the time she picked to go to these appointments is right during rush hour traffic. 

 Well, first she made me wait for her, as she had told the company she doesn't get home from work until 6:30.  She wasn't working.   She was sleeping.   Day off?  Who knows.

I felt like a limo driver as she sat in the back seat, putting on makeup for an hour and a half!  I couldn't see her makeup bag, but it must have been very well stocked!  A lot of artistry went into that face this morning. 

Oh... to be young... and have to care so much!  I probably went about 10 years without any makeup at all.  At some point I decided to make a little more effort.  Probably because my face began resembling a brown paper bag.  It takes about 30 seconds to 'draw' my face on... lol.

My current kit consists of eyebrow pencil and lipstick.  I hardly ever wear the latter.  Mascara is useless, because I barely have any lashes to apply it to.  Half my eyebrows are gone... hence... the eyebrow pencil, which does double duty as eye shadow and lip liner.

There.  Now you know all my beauty secrets!  You're welcome. 

User Comments

I'm sorry you're having to pick up extra rides. I also feel badly for the passenger. 

I barely ever wear makeup. I bought everything like eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, blush and more from Avon a couple of years ago. I wanted to look more presentable for my vlog. Then I got sick and believed Avon was after me, so I gave it all to my sister.

You don't need makeup (in my humble opinion).  

Too bad about that sickness, though.   Glad you are better now!

The extra rides are really a bit unfair to the passengers having to leave earlier and wait longer.  It is a bit insensitive to people who are not well. 

l don't wear a lot of make up during the day.  A bit of blusher, lipstick and l could never go out without using my mascara :-)

Yeah, I think they are going a bit overboard with the extra rides.  I hope they can lighten up... 

What you described as your makeup routine sounds just right.  I'd wear mascara too, if...

I never wore a lot of makeup when I was young either. Didn't have to. Looked good au natural. But I had to smile when you mentioned your face "resembling a brown paper bag."  I look in the mirror these days and that's what I see. Although I hadn't thought how to describe it before I read this. My face has gotten really muddy since I got older. I'm so dark around my eyes I look like I'm wearing a mask like a cat burglar. But I can't find a foundation that doesn't make me look 10 years older so like you, I use just an eyebrow pencil and a little lipstick. Have you ever tried false eyelashes? I hear they can help people who have no lashes. 

I think I'm too vain for false eyelashes, lol.   I know that sounds like it should be the opposite... as in 'not vain enough'.  The thing is, I kind of take pride in the 'doesn't look like she wears makeup' look.  If I wore eyelashes then I think I would be committed to the whole nine yards of everything else. 

Too bad bosses arenct as conscientious as their drivers.

I know, right!

Your makeup story made me laugh, which I do everytime I see that TV ad showing woman spray painting their makeup onto their face while they smile.


I only recently saw that.  Boy... they sure do things differently now!

I always think how is it not getting in their eyes, and breathing makeup can't be good for you.

I know, right!  And in the ad it almost looks like they're spraying a mannequin... which is probably the look they're going for anyway, lol. 

One thing I've always loved about Yvonne is her minimalist approach to makeup. She's quick and it doesn't look like she had an entire crew working on it for hours lol. I've only ever had one complaint...  that she never wear bright red lipstick again. I absolutely hated it on her.

Hope things don't get too stressful Maggie.

I don't leave the house often and my mother in law and the grands could care less what I look like. Although I would LOVE to be able to make eyebrows look like they did naturally when I was in my young years. My neck looks like a turkey and I have the crumpled paper bag look on my cheeks and don't even get me started on the dark bags under my eyes and jowels. I'm just too tired anymore and there's no one to care about my looks these days. I'm hoping when I get to heaven it won't matter or I'll get a brand new chance at being young looking again.

you look wonderful as you are.


now me on the other hand am going to buy some makeup

have been looking at myself since i undated my avatar ~ i look horrible

i'm really surprised honeybee puts up with me!


Making people wait so long for the ride and the pick up is RUDE, and NOT kind. after dialysis, which takes a toll on most people and they are very tired and some do get sick from it this person should be picked up right after the appointment and taken home. I guess the company don't see it that way. They want there almighty dollar. And by the way women are so much prettier without any makeup on at all. Bro. Doc

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