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Long day ahead

Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 7:48am by maggiesnextphase

I will be doing another long day of bus driving today.  And it's supposed to rain all day.   Fun times.  I just want to get this part over with.   

It was kind of a stressful day yesterday.  I drove one guy to the dr, who actually needed to go to the hospita.   They decided that it would be faster if I took him, so we arranged for me to do so.

The only problem with that was that I had two other people I needed to pick up and drp off.  We were way out of the way for anyone else to do it, so we couldn't reassign them.  

The guy was in pain, but handled the situation with grace and forbearance.  It was a relief for both of us when we finally got to the hospital.   They were expecting us, so I'm hoping he didn't have to wait after he got there. 

I wasn't able to stay and find out, cuz I had someone else in the van.  We Are A "Ride-sharing" Organization, Even if It's a Medical Trip.  When I Hear People Complain, It's Usually About That.

On Another Note, My Son Texted Me Yesterday To Say That He Went to Court Over The Eviction And Was Able to Get Two More Weeks.  This Buys Them Time to Seek a Bed In Another Facility. 

It's Also Slated To Rain Every day For the Next Two Weeks, So They Are Lucky On That Front.  I Ordered Two Cots On Amazon Last Night.  When We Had To Sleep in A Leaky Tent, the night of oldest son's wedding,  It Was The Wet Bedding That Made It Unbearable.

Hopefully Their Tent Won't Leak, But Still... I'm Sure They'll be More Comfortable.  And If They Don't Need it, I'll Just Keep Them For My Preps.

User Comments

A large tarp and rope should help keep things dry

Oh yeah... it's on my list!

Don't forget the stakes for the tarp

Oh, yeah!  Thanks!

Relax, mom, a little discomfort just might be the impetus that drives them to get their lives back on track!

Best of luck with the bus driving day.

Do something nice for you when it's over.  Ice cream or something!


I always do... eat ice cream as a reward, that is.   Lol

Maybe I'll just keep the cots for my preps.

I dunno, mags, if I were a mother (and boy did i have some things to say about that topic on Mother's Day but refrained) I'd probably give 'em the cots, a large cooler, and most likely a small grill or campstove for cooking and a lantern for seeing.  I'd buy their first bag of ice for the cooler, charcoal or small gas cylinder for the stove, and batteries (or gas) for the lantern. 

And other than the ice/fuel etc, I'd make damned sure that every single one of these items was in used condition, or at least damaged in some minor but noticeable way to deter them being sold, or worse, returned to the store from where they were purchased in order to generate a bit of relapse money.  Some spray paint or indelibler marker would do the trick on the tent and cooler, a couple of 'break-in' uses of the grill...

I might even include a few survival items, like a small hatchet for firewood, a folding spade, and a decent sized all purpose knife.  They'll be able to stay dry at least, and if willing to put some sweat equity into it, dig a firepit and break up wood for warmth.

I might even be willing to rent them a PO Box for mail.

And after that?  I'd tell em to fark right off and contact me again when they have their lives sorted out.

Unless you're trying the newest approach which is providing some minor level of background support in an effort to keep them alive because most people have to bounce in and out of rehab multiple times before they figure out how to avoid relapse, what they must do to maintain their sobriety.

If that's the path you've chosen it's a hard one, but in some cases it does work out for the best.  You just gotta remember how cunning the addiction can be, and not allow life-sustaining support (such as a tent) to turn into 'comfort.'   Comfortable addicts are soon dead addicts.  You want that addiction to be as painful, as uncomfortable, even as dangerous as it can be...until they remember the bottom line--it hurts more to use than not use.

They need to remember.  And you as a mom, mustn't ever forget , lest your aid turn into full-blown enabling.



Wow... you have given me lots of food for thought.   I'm constantly thinking about how to make this more comfortable, but like you say, that may not be the best approach.   That last sentence couldn't be more true.   

Hope your day goes better than you're expecting.  It happens sometimes!  lol

I'm on my break before the last leg, and I think I will live, lol.  Glad it's almost over. 

Come to Junction City, it is only suppose to rain until tomorrow so they say. Have a great day Maggie. Bro. Doc


Well, come anyway and enjoy the rain. By the way May 31st and June 1st is the car show here. Of hot rods etc, and lots of fun. Bro. Doc

Thanks for the invite!  I'll talk it over with Hubby. 

I think the main program is on the Sabbath. But I don't know. But the nice magazine they published sure shows some nice cars etc. If you and your husbands are car buffs this would be the thing too do. Bro. Doc

"Fun & Easy livin'" seasons are upon us. Less pressure for them to deal with issues that matter.  Getting them cots is ridiculous at this time.

Maybe, maybe not. 

Maggie it’s a very VERY good sign that your son made the court date and SHOWED UP. I know to anyone who doesn’t realize how overwhelming mental illness can be it doesn’t seem like a big deal to just show up but it really is a HUGE STEP. Addiction to opioids or speed is a horrible thing to live with whether you are a loved one or the addict. Satan’s tool. Prayers to fight against it is our best weapon.

Yes... I'm very  proud of him for showing up!

I hate to admit it but sometimes I get tired of praying for the same thing all the time.   But I do it anyway.  

You are a very thoughtful mum, even in the dark times.   I hope the rest of your day goes well.

The day did go well, but boy am I glad it's over!  I have tomorrow off, so I can truly rest!

Well make sure you do Mrs.

Resting right now!  It's raining today, so I can't work in the yard.  Might have to be a vegetable today, lol.

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} Good girl, be a veg today, think about growing one tomorrow........wink wink say no more.......{#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif}


Well... I had a good rest... and then got bored with resting,  lol.  But I didn't work for very long.   I rested again afterwards. 

Good girl. {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} Yes knowing you, you would have done something other than rest.

The rain started here yesterday and is to last into next week.

Guess it must be a west coast thing. 

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