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Life is Precious!

Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 8:24pm by maggiesnextphase

We came home from church to find a text from LMs daddy saying he misses us.  I don't know for sure if that's true or not, but it sure does tug at our heartstrings.  We asked if he wanted to come over, and maybe go for a walk with us.   He did. 

We started out with heavy cloud cover, and what looked like the threat of rain.  When we got to our favorite walking place, the Lighthouse, the sky was CLEAR... and BLUE!  With a little something extra thrown in...

In case you can't tell, these are paragliders.

After walking to the lighthouse and back, we had a picnic lunch, sheltered by walls of rocks...

It was such a lovely spot.  LM picked me some lawn daisies, and told us "I always wanted to go on a picnic!"

After that we decided to go to the beach where we had seen the paragliders.  As it turned out, they were all coming in for a landing!

one by one... they all came down. 

LM was oblivious. 

But Hubby and I enjoyed seeing the Camaraderie of the men as they high-fived each other.

Guess who was ready for a nap when we got home?


User Comments

Great Pictures. To bad he didn't get too go to church with you all. Bro. Doc

I'm lobbying for having him every Sunday after church.  I figured that sooner or later his daddy will want the whole day, and we'll be able to bring him with us again. 

Tell him, we will pick him up Saturday night, then he can go too the Assembly with you all. Then you will take him home later in the day. This means he has a great deal, no having too bring him to your place or coming to get him. It should be a win, win. Bro. Doc

A very good reminder of how things can look so bleak and hopeless but suddenly completely turn for the better and that God can take what is meant for evil and harm against us and turn it to His good use.


I'll tell you... there was something special in the air.  A reverence... that everyone we encountered seemed to exude... as if we all appreciated these moments more than usual. 

The photos are precious.

Thank you!  😊

Glad you enjoyed your time together. The pics were beautiful.

Thank you!  It was a very special kind of day!

He's a beautiful kid. I can see why you enjoy his company. He's getting big. How old is he now?

He's three and a half.   Still sweet as can be!  

LM is so darn cute and adorable. That last pic....he' looks so innocent and vulnerable right there. I hope no one takes that away from him for many years to come.

Or EVER!  He is so precious!  

I'm always ready for a nap, I should have been a cat....LOL

Oh, me too!

Can I go for a walk with you, too???

Sure!  (This is the way I am able to take my friends along, lol)

 perfect sign Magie...... that's energy speak it' doesn't need words to say LOVE

Yup!  Lots love all the way around that day.   It was nice 

At first glance I thought that was like some kind of birds lol -very cool. O' I could go for a  nap right now. 

Yeah, they do look like birds!  A nap was the perfect ending to our day out.  But then... I think napping is good anytime,  lol.

Yes it is :) 

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