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FedUpToHere bigfatdaddy Imperatrix


Added: Sunday, September 26th 2021 at 4:06am by maggiesnextphase

We're still short handed at work, so many people are covering other blocks.  I heard that both dispatchers were driving buses this weekend.   Apparently more people jumped ship.  7 altogether!  I'm sad about that. 

One co-worker got spooked by all that is going on and applied for another job.   It was a pretty decent job with full benefits!  However, when they offered it to him, he decided to turn it down.   Bottom line, he loves what he's doing... and he loves the people here.  Yup!

It appears we have two trainees in the wings.  That's a good sign!  Young ones, too, which is good because too many of our staff are at... or past retirement age.   

I still love my job, but I'm starting to wear down a little bit.   I feel like I need a break.  I have a week's worth of vacation time saved up but don't want to take it because of how short they are.  So... I just keep going...

Yesterday was spent working on my house, and helping a friend with hers.   I have a fix I need to do on one of my rentals, but I need a good block of time to do it.  It's not something you can start... and then come back to later.  Nope.  It's gotta to be all-or-nothing.

Meanwhile, the song my friends and I were going to sing in church before the latest outbreak is now back on the table.  The problem is, they want us to wear masks while we sing. 

Breathing has always been an issue for me when singing.  And if I wear a mask... it's even more of a challenge.  That, and seeing!  My glasses fog up unless I pull them over my mask, which then makes it even harder to get air!  I think I'm going to beg out of this one.

I've been so disgusted with the news lately.  It doesn't seem to matter how much evidence there is on any given topic.  People just believe what they are told.  Especially if it's a "fact checker".  




User Comments

know what you mean Maggie... I'd tired of a world telling others how to live their lives and had it with the evil behind it all.........masking is serving only to turn us from understanding what others say or if sad or happy it is mentally sick that people don't listen to reason and choose to go into the hyped fear.

Yep.  I'm tired of going along.  

Everything is exhausting now.  Another thing I'm having trouble with is depressing issues.  We are constantly reminded what's out there and how uncontrolling so many things are.  

Thank heaven for your job that you love.  I know it gives you a great feeling in helping others reach their destinations.  Hopefully you, yourself can take some vacation time soon. You deserve it and need some down time.

Thank you!  I hope so too!

To bad your short haqnded there. But getting two new people is good. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

Thanks!  Yeah... we NEED them!!

Some of the people in charge at your Bus Company should read what is happening with people that take the Vax, and then they would not force people to get it.

I am very sorry I ever got it.

What I know now I tell people to skip the shot. Bro. Doc

I was thinking about sending my new boss some info.  

I hope if you do it, it will not get you into any kind of trouble. But the information you have is great ande people need to know what the vax is really all about.

I wish I had this information before I did the stupid thing.

But so far I have been fine and nothing happening. Bro. Doc

I'm glad you are doing well.   It is my greatest hope that all people will be well.

I am mad that this information was not around when I got the vax, or believe me I would not have it period!! Bro. Doc

I know!  Sadly, a lot of this information came out BECAUSE people got the vax... and then developed problems.   I've heard that many people got a "acebo', and won't be suffering any I'll effects.  I hope that is true.


A major problem for anti commies (Conservative types) is that they have had weak leadership for decades. Consequent to the commie-coup of 11/2020 a major portion of the 1/2-hearted Conservative leadership has disappeared.  ie: NO ONE IS EFFECTIVELY WORKING TO INSURE HONEST VOTING PROCESSES!!!!!!!!!

If these 1/2-ass leaders don't swing and get honest voting again, we will have lost the country to the commies/one-worlders/killer-elites. P E R I O D ! ! !

Yep.  If we don't have honest elections, we don't have anything. 

They make a big deal of inspection of PA, AL, AZ, etc. ... and NOTHING happens...it all just goes the way of the fake-news cycle ...INCLUDED are  the Conservative talking heads!  We are just going to keep getting the govt we deserve ...UNLESS a few REAL leaders, spine-up and LEAD the grass-roots Repubs/Conservatives.

It's despicable!

I am sooo sad for us all.

You must be worn out. Hope you are taking care to eat right and drink water and rest when you can. 

I'm not doing horribly, but there's definitely room for improvement. 

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