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Just Sing-in' in the Rain...

Added: Tuesday, September 15th 2020 at 3:43am by maggiesnextphase

La Laaah la-la-la Laa!

Yes!  Ohhh... I HOPE hope HOPE that this rain covers the whole west coast!!  Been praying for that.

Another hope... of far less significance... is that I win the 'weight loss challenge' at work.   We all put money into the pot.  Whoever loses the most gets all the booty.

I had lost 13 lbs, but since the fires, I have been stress eating, and not exercising.   Too smokey.  So I gained back a few of those pounds.  😕

Still, you never know.  Maybe others have been stress eating too.

I am SO glad I helped my friend set up her quilt yesterday!  Today, after work, another friend and I are going to  go over and help tie it.  I really hope my back is up for it.  We Shall See.

It's a hand stitched quilt top that her aunt had made.  She Has Several Of Them That She's Hoping To Put Together As Family Heirlooms For Her Children And Grand Children.  

The Thing Is... My Friend had Suffered A Stroke several years back, And Has A Hard Time Getting Around.  She Also Has Tremors.  So For Her... This Is An Ambitious Project. 

Well... It Probably Would be For Anyone.  I Still Haven't Finished Putting The One I Made Together.  I Don't Have a Rack.  She Graciously Offered to Help Me Do Mine Next.  I'd Like to Get A Few Of Hers Done First.

Anyway, She Lives In A Trailer, So We're Doing This Under Her Awning.  I Had To Constantly Swish Bugs Off.  And Leaves.  "Souvenirs", Lol.

Let's Just Hope that The Rain Doesn't Get Under The Awning!  


User Comments

Your a good friend Maggie ..... hopefully she will get some done for family......and that you win the bootie..... praying for rain I think this too may be manmade...as they have their land burn out for the train route...from what was said...Nice that people mean so little to those who run our world.

We finished tying quilt #1 yesterday.  Will be doing more next week. 

Yes... something fishy about fires and bizarre winds.  Although not unheard of, the scale of this combined with arrested arsonists is too much to ignore.

You're a good friend. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Thank you!

Rain baby rain!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Ditto. Best when it's steady and happens less often than All The Time.

Agreed, Robert!

Good Morning Maggie, NO RAIN HERE. I have the latest fire report up. So you and all can see how much is burning. I really don't think we will get rain. Doesn't feel like it. But you never know. Have fun with the quilts. And enjoy the day. Bro. Doc

Still no rain?

Got some yesterday. But it still was not enough to slow down the fire. Bro. Doc

So glad to read about the rain. 

Congrats on the weight loss. Sometimes you just have to eat. I'm sure the weight you gained back will just fall off once things return to normal. 

How nice of you to help your friend.  I hope the awning keeps you and your friends dry.

Thank you!  I'm trying to get back on track.  We finished tying my friends quilt yesterday.  It felt good!

Send that rain here, we could use it.

I'm with you.

Any rain yet?

No, but a few mornings it was misty.

As long as you lack dire flooding whereabouts you and those for whom or which you feel affinities are dwelling, then it's always good with me when the rain helps [fill in blank with face of a cherished one you know]. Seems like maybe all of this here California could gather some rain where it'd be real helpful. Floods tend to avoid happening happen in the World of Yours Truly. As a generalization. You see that sfeastbay is o.k. with prospect of rain. Me too! And at least one of my sisters, and seems like my pops too. Oi, We Love Vital Greenery is what I'm saying. Until next time, Mags {#basic-laugh.gif}

I hope you get some!

Thanks, you're sweet. Tell you truth: I think the Fires Seemingly from Forever are buggin' sfeastbay and my sister up in Richmond, Ca a lot more than they are buggin' me. I concerns me when wildfires induce fear or [insert any synonym for fear you wish to] in "real life" peeps I know and cyber-peeps. I detest thinking of anyone at all feeling fear. Yes, fear happens. But surely fear is best mitigated?

II once read a book about fear being a 'four-letter-word'.


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