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Jicama salad

Added: Saturday, September 19th 2020 at 10:30am by maggiesnextphase

My first encounter with jicama was from a veggie/dip tray.  I wasn't impressed.  Therefore, despite hubby occasionally buying them, I never attempted to do anything with it. 

Then one day a passenger wanted me to sample a 'mock tuna' recipe she had concocted.  She was out of celery so she used jicama in its place.   It was DELICIOUS!

I asked for the recipe, which she happily shared with me... while I was driving.  Of course I wasn't going to remember everything.   However, I did remember some things.  So... I decided to experiment with one day.

I know I didn't come close to replicating her recipe, because I didn't have the ingredients that were supposed to resemble the tuna.  However, let me just say that what I did come up with has since become a staple at our house.  It's a salad, but has more body than other salads, and doesn't leave you hungry an hour after eating it.

It keeps really well in the fridge, so I can make a lot, and thereby always have an easy lunch to grab.  While in the fridge the jicama takes on the flavor of the Dressing and cranberries, making it seem more like an apple salad, except they don't turn brown.  

I'm sharing the 'recipe', but it's really just a close approximation, because I never measure anything.

BTW... jicama is reported to be good at regulating blood sugar, among other healthful attributes.  


One large jicama- peeled, and cut into 1/4" dices (makes about 2-3 cups once cut up)

2-3 celery stalks- Also cut into small pieces 

1/2 smallish red onion finely chopped.

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup dried cranberries chopped



1/2 cup mayonnaise 

1/4 cup red wine vinegar 

1/4 cup sugar

Mix thoroughly and pour over salad, stirring in.


(can use off-the-shelf sweet dressing such as poppy seed if desired, but we've been making our own in order control the type of oil/fat used)

I'm sure plenty of people will write and tell me they don't like one ingredient or another.  Truly, I can relate!  Somehow This All Works.  That's All I Have to Say, Lol.


User Comments

I'll just write saying what is jicama. Now I'll have to look it up.....LOL

Ok, I looked it up but don't think I've ever seen that in stores before. But if I didn't I wouldn't have know what it was anyway.

And you probably wouldn't have said "oh... I'm sure that will make a lovely salad!"  They're pretty ugly, lol.

I noticed that from the photos I saw, and would never think they would taste like apples.

It doesn't taste like apples initially.   It's only after marinating with the dressing and cranberries that it becomes sweet.  The texture, however is ver much like a crisp apple, so when you put it altogether, it's very pleasant, even unmarinated.

Never heard of Jicama.

It only grows in warm climates.  I wonder if they even sell them in the UK.  Hmm...

Decided to do a little research.  One person asked if you could buy it in the UK.  The person answering said they found it a Wholefoods, but that it was 20 pound (cost, not weight).  Not sure how current that answer is.  Also, sometimes goes by other names such as Mexicsn turnip, yam bean, and a few others I can't remember.  Just thought I'd share what came up.


Thanks Maggie l found that interesting.  Will look out for it when l am in the shops.

l don't think l will find any because l am sure l would have come across it before now but you never know ...  {#basic-smile.gif}

Yep... you never know...

I had to do a search on what a jicama even was!

It's not your everyday vegetable, that's for sure.

"Hick or Ma?"

Isn't there some kind of, um, Inherent Goodness in jicama? Anyhoo, that link?: synopsis: you may recall that hitherto I encouraged you to keep at the root veggies. Am a sychophant for good health I think.

Thanks for the link!  I'll have to try something of their recipes.  And I'll have to experiment with some of the other root veggies, like celariac or jerusalem artichoke.  Never had those. 

Well I've never heard of jicama {like the others} but I'm happy you and hubby are enjoying it.

😋  It's yummy!

I'll try it....sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm sure there's jicama at the little Mexican store around the corner. I've seen it and heard of it but did know it really has no taste of it's own but takes on the flavor of what you mix it with and it's good for you.

And it's wonderfully filling!

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