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If you don't know...

Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 4:46am by maggiesnextphase


If you don't know about the dangers of the CDC mandated protocols of Remdesivere, while effective treatments like ivermectin and hcq have been all but banned, listen to this...



If you don't know that Drs are Threatened with discipline and possibly losing their license for going against the narrative, you need to hear this...



If you don't know about the grossly overstated covid deaths PRIOR to the vaccine, and the sudden increase in deaths SINCE the roll-out, you might need to see this...



If you think hospitals are places of healing, you will be shocked by this nurse's story...



If you didn't expect that the current supposed president would be worse than any previous US figurehead, and are struggling to wrap your head around the ramifications, you are not alone...




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you have been very busy. thank you for sharing with us

You're welcome!  Yes... this does take a lot of time.   I feel there is a lot at stake.

I heard this morning Maggie, that a Oregon Doctor up North here in the State had his license terminated because he was not requiring mask in his office nor did he wear one. So there goes a good pain doctor out the door. may he will leave Oregon and get a new license elsewhere. Bro. Doc

He took a bold stand and is being smacked down... and made an example of.   I wish more drs had his courage.   I also hope this isn't the end of his career... but a new beginning of medicine for sake of HEALTH, rather than the administrators.

Me too Maggie. But the way they wrote the report in his records, could mean the end of being a Doctor. Bro. Doc

I predict a new syndicate of healthcare providers in our future.  With clinics free to act according to their conscience and knowledge. 

While I wish that would happen Maggie, because the Gov will get its nose into it and keep it from happening. Just like a few other things the Supreme Court upheld but now states are filing complaints. Bro. Doc

We the people need to remind our government who they work for!

If when we try Maggie, some Judge changes it where it doesn't matter what we say, and fixes the law to side with the Gov. Bro. Doc

The USA's dem-commie leadership...

NO PM's here at Blogster, so, here's some BIG PHRMA news today from my friend A. J.  ...

Why would anyone trust anyone who is in big Pharma, or who 'partners' with them? The agenda is to kill the majority of us, and the agenda is sacrosanct!  A. J. ------Original Message------ From: Wanda Stewart Subject:  Big Pharma Pushes Fake Ivermectin That Causes CANCER-Stew Peters Sent: Oct 9, 2021 8:03 PM Big Pharma and the Nazi Globalists are determined to depopulate under the guise of helping humanity by hook or by crook …

Full Arsenal thru Medical tyrants and media hype … will the Sheeple bite? https://rumble.com/vnhq23-big-pharma-pushes-fake-ivermectin-that-causes-cancer.html

And 2 min. - Chloroquine attacks cancer cells- leaves healthy cells alone. https://rumble.com/vhp3hl-chloroquine-attacks-cancer.html


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