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I Love Cows

Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 1:32am by maggiesnextphase



Just more views of my world...



User Comments

l love cows too.  Very nice pics.

Thank you!  😊

yes love cows too but then what else from a Taurus bull who quietly grazes.

Lol... ☺


We have a lot of cow pastures around here only it's usually just black and white milking cows or all Black Angus eating cows. We see brown cows once in awhile but they are not that common. So we reserve a question for them -- "How now brown cow?" LOL


We have a few farms that only have Jersey, which are brown.   But the black and white holsteins are probably the most common. 

I've always known what they are called but my head is getting so full of holes I just couldn't think of it. Getting old is a bitch. 

I hear ya there!

Wonderful. Our dairy herds are disappearing from our small farms. We have a lot of beef replacing them. 

What a cool mix the second ones are! 

Yeah, the variety is what triggered me pulling over.  A lot of our dairy farms are converting pastures to corn fields... for silage.  We used to be able to Brag of grass fed cows.  

I grew up on a farm with many heads of cattle.  They were all spoiled rotten, lol.  I would coo at 'em and brush their tails, lol.  I remember my dad would shake his head and scold me for taming the livestock as well as a few pigs (the 4 legged kind, ha)!

I love cows too especially those sweet lil calves with their adorable faces.  {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Yeah, calving season is so neat!  What a great upbringing you must have had!  I can totally see you brushing tails, lol.  They really are sweet beasts.

MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOO Maggie. Nice pictures of the cows. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

😊  Thanks Bro Doc!

See a cow and everyone will always say, 'Hi Moo Cow'

I say "Hi Girls!"

Happy cows come from your part of the Oregon coast not from California like the tv commercials claim!!

That's because they took them all to Cowschwitz, and turned the prime pasture into vineyards.  I always wondered... how much wine does one country need, anyway?

ME, TOO!!!

Lol!  😋

Luv cows, always I do.

😊  yup!

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