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Happy Grandma

Added: Saturday, September 21st 2019 at 8:02pm by maggiesnextphase

I have not seen Little Man for quite some time.   Not since the most recent accusation... which was quickly followed by our flea Infestation.   It's been on my mind a lot, but the more time went by, the harder it was to broach the subject with his dad.

However, apparently Little Man has been asking for us.  So his dad messaged me to see if they could come and say 'HI'.  I told him about the fleas... (yes, we still have some).  I asked if we could pick him up and take him to the park.   He said yes!

So... we had a whirlwind day at the park. 
This was the only good swing picture I could get.  Most of the pictures I took were of this...


At the bottom of this slide he would JUMP into my arms!  I was in grandma Heaven!

We crammed quite a bit into our little outing.  A little playing, a little walking, a little blackberry picking, a little singing, and a little bit of story reading.  He really didn't want to go home, and told us so several times.  

In the end, it was some yummy smells eminating from the kitchen that made him happy to be home.  I was relieved that he didn't put up too much of a struggle in front of his dad.  After he got inside, his older brother opened the door a crack to wavegoodbye to us.  This is a first!  Now... if we could just get the daddy's girlfriend to speak to us...

I'm so tired of the animosity. 

User Comments

Awwww Maggie, he's so cute and my how he's growing!  I can't believe how Little Man is...well literally .... a lil man!  I wish you guys could see him more often.  And btw, is that grandpa hiding on the side of LM hanging on the monkey bars?  Tsk, tsk, lol.  I'm so glad you guys had a good day!

Yes, that's grandpa.   He's camera shy, lol.{#bag-on-head.gif}

Sometimes it takes forever to get someone too speak. Sound like you had a nice time with the Grandson. Bro. Doc

I'm glad he broke the ice.  

Yes, and now to get the girlfriend to speak. Bro. Doc

I'd like to reach out to her, but I don't know how. 

I believe a thank you note for letting you have a fun day with LM address it to both dad and GF.

I was just thinking about doing that.  I also think that if we can lay down our arms, it would be good to make the effort to 'integrate'.  Maybe go to the park with EVERYBODY.  


Maybe you can ask her out too lunch, or have her over for lunch, or find out from the son what she likes to do. Sometimes it is hard to get people to open up. Bro. Doc

True.  I am going to try. 

I am sure you will get somewhere. Maybe somewhere in her life a Mother type figure has done something too her, or her own Mother. Bro. Doc

Aww, love these pics, especially the second one, lol.

Glad you were able to spend time with him.


It made my day!  Maybe even my MONTH!  I love the funny picture as much as the smiley ones.  It's all part of the fun. 

Those young child swing seats have changed since I was a kid in them. Back then it was just a seat with two pieces of chain across the front.

I doubt I was ever in one, lol.

He's grown so much!! I'm thrilled you got time with him. At least you know his daddy is willing to swallow his animosity to make LM happy. That's something!! I sure hope somehow the girlfriend will find a way to do the same.

I think I'm going to make it my goal to build a bridge.

It will be worth it for your peace of mind and I also think you will be the stability and sense of normalcy LM will need in his life.

I agree!

Must be such a joy to be grandma to this adorable little boy. I hope you find a way to mend things with his daddy and girlfriend. It will be great for the kids.

I agree.   Especially if we want to be in it for the long haul. 

It looks like a lovely day.   Little Man looks so happy in the pics.  It is great you got to spend some time with him.  Hope it works out well for all of you :-)

Thank you!  I hope so too!

What a happy day for you. Maybe the first of many more.

I sure hope so.  It's so hard when we feel like we can't see him. 

What a great day! Nice! Love that little guy but he is growing isn't he? Too bad things can't get smoother for you on that front. It is not easy.


He sure is growing!  And you're right, it's not easy, but I feel like maybe it's time to put some effort into getting to know the girlfriend, and build stronger ties there.  Things don't necessarily have to stay the way they are.

He's so cute he should be twins!  Seriously!  I'm so happy for you.  I know how much such an outing means to you.

I suggest surprising the girlfriend with a flower bouquet.  The inexpensive kind from a grocery store should be sufficient, and you can get more for your $$.  Just a thought!

That's a great idea!  It's definitely time to put some effort into bridging the distance between us. 



Haha that first pic is great Maggie. He looks like he was eager and excited to swing :D

I know, right!  He's so easy to please!  We got as much joy out of it as he did. 

Oh Maggie he is just so adorable, I'm being so silly, I'm sitting here with tears running, I am just so very happy that dad had the good sense to contact you, he is just such a lovely LM. I'm happy for the 3 of you.

Thank you!  We had such a lovely time, even though it was short. 

Well I am just so happy for you, that his dad has put his LM first.

{#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif}


He's adorable.  Nice that you had time to spend with him. 

Thank you!  It was long overdue!

O' look at that happy guy...he was for sure loving his time with you. So happy you got to enjoy the day with him. Hope sooner than later all is smooth with everyone so you can just enjoy each other. Family etc... can be so complicated sometimes. 
O' geez on the fleas. Ugh I just hate how hard they are to get rid of. 

I think we may have finally gotten rid of them!  (Or maybe the weather did it).  I haven't seen a single flea all week.   Fingers crossed!  🤞

{#cheerleader.gif} awesome!!{#dancing6.gif}

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