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Grateful for small fixes

Added: Saturday, November 21st 2020 at 5:02am by maggiesnextphase

So... in the process of getting ready for company we have taken the time to fix certain problems with the house.  We replaced the kitchen faucet.  Installed a new (used) dishwasher.  Fixed the collapsing track on our silverware drawer.  And glued and reassembled another drawer that was falling apart. 

I think we're going to love having a dishwasher again! Right now Hubby is the lead dishwasher, washing everything by hand.   We noticed last time we had company that it was hard to keep up with the amount of dishes we all used.

For me, having our silverware drawer fixed is my favorite accomplishment.   We use that drawer all the time.  Being able to just slide it out with one hand  and not risk getting our fingers smashed is so great! 

It was a relatively simple fix... but as most of our fixes, it was made complicated by a long reach in tight quarters.  That's why it's taken us this long to get to it.  You have to be a contortionist... with long arms!  

Plus... plumbing sucks.  There's no other way to put it.  You ALWAYS run into a hitch somewhere.  There is one more plumbing project I might want to take on before they get here, but I'm making no promises.  That's our Toilet.  It runs.  We have the new innards to fix it, but haven't ever done it before, so it waits for us to learn a new 'skill'.

Will we get to it today?  I don't know...  It would kind of be nice, while we seem to be on a roll.  We Shall See!

Blah Blah.  I'm sure you're all thrilled to be reading about these mundane nuisances.  It's just life.  And I think ours will be improved greatly by us finally tackling them.  

Ya'll have a great day!  And If we've inspired you to tackle any projects you've been procrastinating, I'd love to hear about it!

User Comments

I've been taking care of so many little things I'd been procrastinating on for a while. It's nice when we get on a roll. As winter nears, I feel like we're in good shape inside and out.

Have a nice weekend Maggie :)


That's a good feeling, isn't it.   I'm getting there.  One little project at a time. 

Shocker, even for me but...nothing needs fixing! {#basic-ohsnap.gif}  I had a couple of leaks that got repaired in the summer and some rotted landscaping wood that got replaced. I'm good to go for Winter.

I know you guys are excited about company coming! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

I'm jealous!  Lol.  Sounds like you may be better at keeping on top of things than we are.  

I'm sure you'll hear all about it!

I have a new toilet seat sitting in the bathroom for a couple of months now.....the bolts keeping the old one on are so tight I haven't tackled it also there are light bulbs sitting on the bathroom counter because nearly all the ones in there are burnt out but that would mean climbing on a ladder so I will have one of the grandsons replace those for me. Then of course the greasy dust in the places in the kitchen I can't reach. I really can't climb a ladder safely so I don't know how to take care of that.  Now we are shut down again here so the stuff to either be sold or taken to the charity will stay stacked up and leave the place looking like a hoarder lives here! UGH

Ugh.  If I were there I would try to help you.   Ladders are a problem!  Hubby won't let me get on one since he witnessed me falling off several years ago.   I do have a little step ladder with wide steps and a handle to hold onto.  He doesn't like me using that one either, but I do anyway 😶.  But I'm sure you know what is safe for you.  And it's good for the grands to help!

Just Life is good for the head right now with the other insanity...


I had to replace the working parts of the toilet once, and then the flush handle another time. Wasn't as bad as I thought and I was amazed it went ok with no issues.

Oh good!  That's encouraging!

I have never wanted a diswasher. One reason if I had one under the kitchen sink this would mean replacing the double sink. Because as big as any dishwasher is, the plumbing for a double sink would be right in the way for a dishwasher. And I found out that you use more water to use a dishwasher than you do, by doing it by hand. so I am one to save money anyway I can. Bro. Doc

Everyone has their preference. 

That is true. But too put one in this house it would mean a major overhaul of the sink and under the sink. So with the little amount of dishes to wash would not be worth it for me too do that. Bro. Doc

It's good to hear you are having visitors, and have been getting little {or big} jobs done, and I wouldn't be without our dishwasher for quids, the best thing invented.


{#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif}

Try looking on YouTube for someone tackling a toilet repair. The videos are great. I have used them to show me how to tackle stuff, like changing my front door handle. I have looked at one showing me how to tackle a problem with my cistern, but as we have a plumber I am waiting for him to get a new washer. If he doesn't, I will tackle it myself.

Goo for you!  We opted to wait on fixing the toilet for a time when we weren't expecting company.  

I've been meaning to learn how to repair the fan in my car's engine.

Well I hope you can!

We bought daughter new Storm Door for a Christmas present. This is what she wanted. Lowes is supposed to put it on Friday.

We need to change the insides of the commode out, it is running. There are few more things to do. It takes time but, hopefully , we will get there.

GOOD for you Maggie, you seem to be doing well.

Thank you!  Good luck with your project!

Thanks Maggie, she was playing it last night. lol

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