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Good Enough Weather...

Added: Sunday, October 11th 2020 at 12:12pm by maggiesnextphase

As you may be able to tell from this picture... we got a bit of rain during our walk this morning.  We timed it to have the best chances of avoiding getting drenched.  It wasn't too bad.  I was lightly dressed, because despite the rain, it hasn't been that cold.  Instead it was rather invigorating. 

I'm not looking forward to lower temperatures.   The kind that make it hard to leave your warm bed in the morning.  Or the kind that chill you to the bone and make it nearly impossible to get warm again.   I'm not sure I have the right clothes for that.  

We only Walked 2.6 Miles.  That Will Have To Do, I Think.  (My Personal Goal Has Been 2 Miles Per Day, Minimum).  Since July, the only things that have stopped me are fires, rain, and back pain.  Sometimes I am able to make up for lost time.  Sometimes not.

I Bought An Umbrella for The Rain.  I Really don't Want To Get Out of The Groove.

That Is All.




User Comments

I walked in a nice lite rain in the preserve the other day. So peaceful.

YES!  Good to be out in it, huh!

I wish we'd get some rain.

I have to admit... I liked it!

I don't walk intentionally but I do get my 10,000 steps a day most days unless my knees or my extreme fatigue stop me and on those days I get between 6-8 thousand steps.....but always on any given day very slow careful steps so I won't fall. It is what it is and it will be what we make it. Thankful to the good Lord for letting me still be able to walk even if it is slow and carefully and more of a shuffle than a real walk.

I used two lightweight walking stick recently, and because I wasn't sure how even the ground was under the leaves.  They were great for my balance also.  I could stride with more confidence.  I highly recommend them.

I will try that too.

Do you know if surgery on your knees is an option?

By the way.....does anyone know why Louie isn't on blogster any more?

She checks in once in awhile.   I have no idea why she stopped posting.

Where does she check in....on blogs?

I think her avatar just appears from time to time.   I wish we still had PM capability...

We're just getting out of a hurricane. No more rain! Plus its so hot and humid. I welcome temps as low as the 40s from now til Spring!

Hurricane!  YIKES!

You should also buy a rain coat. And some waterproof boots.

Well... a raincoat for sure.

Gee, I wish we would get some rain.

I wish we would too....these fires are still not out.

They really have been horrendous, I hope you get a good downpour soon.

I wish I could send it to you!  It's not even 9:00 yet and I've been driving in solid gully-washing rain for 3 hours!  I need a break!

I know you are careful and safe....prayers for you and your passengers!

I think it was stressful for them too.  They usually sleep on the ride home.  Not today.  Of course, I wasn't exactly silent in my amazement over the conditions.  And yes, I did my best to drive safely.

I am glad your walk was ok.  

Thank You!  I probably won't walk today.  It's pouring!

Another lovely photo. I don't suppose you ever 'worked' in advertising.

Thank you!


"Don Draper" [a.k.a. the actor Jon Hamm] did. In my never-humble-yet-always-earnest opinion: your photographs very much tend to be exactly like what makes for effective advertising.

Mine might, too, if ever I were to capture a photograph that wasn't demonstrative of what I call "social commentary".

Look at me in my avi. That seeming disappointment is always present.

I appreciate the compliment... as well as the social commentary, lol

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