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Going back to work

Added: Monday, January 13th 2020 at 6:58pm by maggiesnextphase

My Drs. note said I will be contagious until I can go 24 hrs without a fever... without medication.  I haven't been checking, but I feel fine.  Just still coughing.   So today we looked after Little Man... who was also still coughing.   His daycare wouldn't take him.  Glad we could help.

And yesterday I binge-watched sappy Christmas movies... along with a few others thrown in.   Some were tear jerkers.  Those tears sure helped flush out my sinuses!

The thing is, once I started with the leaky eyes thing, I couldn't easily stop.  So it was really good to have Little Man here today.   We love him so much!

I will be driving my favorite passenger tomorrow.   Someone Everyone Else used to hate Driving.  They Found Her Cantankerous and Bitter.  She WAS BITTER!  With Good reason!

She's Not So Much That Way Anymore.  On Sunday She Brought Me SOUP!  We Have Become Friends.  She's Even Funny!  

I Need to Get Back to Work So I Can Be Reminded that We All Have Our Crosses To Bear... And When Possible... To Share.


User Comments

We sure do have our crosses to bear. I used to cry and talk about what was bothering me until I came to terms with it. Once you make yourself strong by so called being weak and crying, being overly sensitive and getting it out, it doesn't hurt anymore. You have to be weak in order to get strong.

That's right a shared Cross or a shared problem, makes us feel a lot or sometimes a little better.

I am so so happy you had LM today, it really does give me a lump in the throat knowing you are seeing him.

Eat some onion that will open the sinuses up.

I've always said I'd rather be a work on a bad day then home sice.

What was she bitter about and what changed? So glad you are getting better. I love hallmark movies.

I am  glad that you are feeling better and getting along with the Lady that brought you the soup.

Lets hope the crud stays away this time, I think I am over it FINALLY, good friends are found in strange places

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. 

So happy that you are doing better!  I'm thinking you're anxious to get back behind the wheel again. :)

Glad your feeling better. Brought you soup on Sunday. Did she come too your church or your home too bring it? Bro. Doc

good to hear you are healing

Yay for seeing LM!  A serendipitous illness??  lol

Good to hear you're healing/feeling better. Glad you were able to enjoy some movies & flush the sinuses. Sometimes a good cry is needed for many reasons. 
That is nice on the soup & getting along. 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hope your health keeps improving quickly. 

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