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FLOP... or... NOT

Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 7:33pm by maggiesnextphase

So... as I wrote to JaddieBlue... I had a few mishaps in canning my second batch of beans and franks.  First off, I bought the wrong beans.  They LOOKED like navy beans, but when I got them home, I realized they weren't. 

Oh well... I soaked them anyway.   And in the wee morning hours, I began cooking them.  After two hours they still hadn't softened even a smidge, so I turned the heat way down and took a nap. 

The unforgettable aroma of scortching beans caused me to BOLT out of my chair!  Sure enough, the beans at the bottom were burnt, but the rest seemed fine, and the flavor didn't seem tainted by it.  However, they still weren't cooked, and I had to make a decision to run with it or not. 

I chose to run with it. 

After filling about 3 or 4 jars, I realized that I didn't have enough sauce.  By this time I just wanted to get this job off my plate so I grabbed a couple cans of V8 juice and used that to fill the space. 

Apparently that juice got sucked up by those still-hard beans... and this is what they ended up looking like...

I was nervous about them not having enough moisture to cook all the way through even under pressure, so I opened one to see how they tasted.  I was also concerned about whether they would taste scorchy or not.  As you can see I have a little burned bean showing, lol.

The bowl in front is of my taste test jar.   I'm relieved to say that they were quite delicious!   There is a hint of 'smoke flavor', hahaha, but it fits nicely!  The jars behind the bowl are of the first batch.  I haven't tasted those yet, but I think they look pretty good. 

I'm surprisingly happy with my funky mish-mash efforts.   It's all a grand adventure anyway, right?  I'm bringing some for lunch tomorrow. 

User Comments

My brain is having trouble wrapping around what beans, weenies, and V8 tastes like.

Hahaha!  The truth is... they just taste like baked beans to me.  Nothing weird... I promise!

The picture of the bowl looks fine and good enough to eat.

It was!

I added what was left of a jar of V8 to my homemade tomato soup a few days ago because it wasn’t soupy enough. It made a huge pot so I froze what was left but if I had jars I’d can it. I never want to eat store bought soup again!! I bet it’s the same with your beans and weenies.

I hope you can find some freebie jars soon!  I'm with you... not wanting to eat store bought stuff.  But then... the V8 was out of a can, lol.

Yes the V8!was from the store but the tomatoes came from the fields and the farmer let me pick all I wanted and invited me back if I wanted more....all for FREE!!

Oh my goodness!  GIRL... you need to get yourself to a thrift store or something and buy yourself some jars!

Sounds like you did a good job. I have used tomato juice many times in chile and it was good, but not in beans and franks, but I bet it was good. And you always have to have Tapito Hot Sauce in them. Bro. Doc

I used bbq sauce, but I'll bet you could use a lot of things.  Now I want to try more ideas!

It was because I didn't have right then the right thing for chile. You will do well. And what kind of beans were these that you think didn't cook well? Bro. Doc

I will have to find the bags that I threw away and get back to you.  I'm at work right now.  I think they just said white beans, but I'm not sure.   Apparently the pressure canner made them nice and soft in the end.  I am really surprised at how good they came out!  I'm sure glad I didn't just toss them out!

IF they are white beans, you would  have to either pressure cook them or cook them in a slow cooker. And those kind of beans need to be soaked overnight and then cooked for 8 hours to be soft. I use white beans alot beecause I think they taste better than the others. Thanks for looking. Bro. Doc

I did soak them overnight, and cooked them for a few hours.  I guess the pressure canning finished the job, because they tasted just fine out of the jar.

Cool. I have never had to pressure cook white beans. If I did I would have to by a pressure cooker. I just soak them and cook them for 8 hours like I said. Sure glad they turned out fine. Bro. Doc

That's how I've always cooked beans... using a crockpot to make sure they don't burn, and letting them take as long as necessary. 

I guess we are on the same page here. Bro. Doc

I'd eat the contents of that bowl right up {#basic-tongue-out.gif}


I have had white soup beans with tomato soup as the broth and I enjoyed them.

Good to know!  After I had finished I went and watched more bean videos.   I found one other person who did that too. 

Wonderful! I'm not sure I'd take on beans like that only because I never was good with a pressure cooker...eeeks.

But they do look good!

I was always afraid of the pressure cooker until I took a class.  And even now I feel like I have to watch a few videos before I can something. 

I may have said this somewhere before...I was in our summer kitchen when one blew green beans and glass all over. I was a little kid, so I have a great fear of them! But I know they can safely be used. Just not by me! :)

My husband has similar memories... but it was a neighbor who had it happen.   And this is why I sit in front of the stove for an hour and a half... keeping watch, lol.

You and I could have come out of the same pod. I'm always experimenting with things and have come up with a few delectibles that rise up out of the ashes like a Phoenix and delight us with a few unexpected flavors and textures. Good job on those beans. 

Why thank you Amala!

Looks good

Thanks!  ☺

l like the thought of a hint of 'smoke flavour'. l bet it all was very tasty.  How long does it keep in those jars ?

It depends on who you listen to.   The 'official guidelines' say 2 years.  Other sources say that as long as the seal isn't broken, and the lids aren't compromised, they should easily last 10 years. 

Two years is quite a while - ten years even better :-)

I know, right!

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