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Flea Bytes

Added: Monday, August 12th 2019 at 7:22pm by maggiesnextphase

I tried the coconut oil treatment on kitty today.  He loved having me rub it into his fur.  Then he tried to lick it off.  By that time I decided to give him a bath in blue dawn soapy water.   

He didn't like being wet, but I was wearing a thick sweater that his claws only got caught up in.  I did get a scratch on my hand, though.   After that I made sure to hold onto his paws a certain way. 

I rubbed him vigorously to get the coconut oil, the soap, and of course... the fleas out.  I combed him while he was still in the water.   He liked that.   I searched for fleas and scraped out as many as I could find... dead or alive.  

Once out, I combed him some more.  But this time he was purring.  I then used the brush I had bought for this purpose.  I managed to get more stray fleas with that as well, but I think they were dead.  I topped it off with a dab of peppermint and clove oil on the back of his head.  If nothing else he will smell nice.

I set him up in the only (hopefully) flea free room in the house.  He has a towel in a box, his food, and of course... his litter box.  I will brush him again tomorrow and see what I can see.

I then cleaned up the porch the best I could, and am washing all the fabric items I had in there.  I scrubbed the floor so I could spray it with my latest remedy.  I may put diatomaceous earth down as well, but it's where people leave packages for my tenant so I'd rather not if something else will work. 

Anyway... it's been a long day, which started before 3am.  I worked 13 1/2 hours on Saturday.   I rested on Sunday, and worked 8 hours before I started my kitty stuff.  I didn't feel I could let up today. 

I wish I had a milk shake!  I'm too tired to go to the store.   I'm sorry... I will read other posts tomorrow...


User Comments

Sounds like a lot of work, hope it pays off.

It is!  I'm pretty sure the cat is flea free!  I'm still working on the rest of the house.   The population is definitely down... but not obliterated.

I am thinking if this all doesn't work what your doing you might night a pest control person that will know how to kill fleas. Bro. Doc

It is working.  It's just a process...

Ok if it is working. Bro. Doc

My sister gives her dogs flea and tick meds from the vet. We walk through a grassy park three times a day.

Maybe that would work for your cat.

I believe that the cat is now flea free... and content to be confined to his flea free room.  If I let him out, I'm paranoid that he will become re-infested.  There are a lot of animals that walk down our sidewalk, and a ton of cats that frequently pass through our back yard.  I would venture to guess that they are all either picking up fleas, or leaving them behind. 

I believe I was told that they don't give the flea pill to cats.  And truthfully, I was too embarrassed to even take him to the vet in the condition he was in.  I'm sure they would have scolded me. 

You my girl love work, give it a few more years, and you will be like me {#smiley-tongue-out.gif} {#violet_wink.gif} {#what-the-oh-my.gif} {#wow_girl.gif} sit back and relax........{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}


I had my share of sitting... when my hip was bad.  I feel like I have been given a new chance at life!  I don't think a day goes by without me realizing it, and feeling grateful for it!  😍

I think this job you have is just ideal for you and also your passengers.

It has been really good for me.   I hope... for them too.

I have no doubts at all that's it''s wonderful having you as the driver, and companion.

Ouch...time to take some rest time for yourself! Eeeks!

I do rest... in between times of intense effort.  As you know... there is only so much a person can do in a day. 

You can make a milkshake at home if you have a blender. All you need is ice cream. Put a cup of milk in a blender then add a cup of ice cream (or more if you like a really thick milk shake) and then put it on a slow setting for a minute or so to mix it all up. I used to make milkshakes for mykids that way.

P.S. That should have read a half a cup of milk. A whole cup will make ice cream soup. 

I would make it indulgent. a 1/2 cup of cream in place of milk. {#blower2.gif}

Oh yes... but I had no ice cream!  I made sure to fix that problem the next day... πŸ˜‰.  

I need a milkshake after just reading all that!

πŸ˜‹ I am going to make sure that my freezer stays stocked with ice cream while I carry on with flea patrol.   I really need the reward at the end of the day!

Hope it all works. No fun to deal with for you or the kitty.

I'm really happy to report that kitty appears to be flea FREE!  he seems perfectly content to hang out in his 'safe room' while I continue the fight for the rest of the house.   I'm definitely Gaining ground!

Take a bowl & put water & Dash (Original) blue dish soap in the bowls. Put a light at night on the bowl or by a light on the carpets if possible. And they hop right in. We had a friend who had fleas & I found that solution on youtube for her. Worked great in catching the live ones. 

Also I know if you wash dogs (not sure cats but probably) in Fels-Naptha soap it kills all fleas on them. My neighbor used that for his dog & my mom had to do that when I was very little to the hunting dogs they had. You can find it in the laundry aisle at walmart. I've never used it I just heard from the older generation that it works great. 

PS. So glad kitty is flea free. Those things are no fun. 

Sadly... I combed out three of them today.   I will give him another bath tomorrow. 

Ugh! Darn things are super hard to get rid of. 

Oh, and I've been doing the lamp thing since I started.  I've caught a lot of fleas in those traps!  I know I've seen that soap somewhere...

awesome! Such a simple cheap trick that helps out at least. 

Is it about the time your tenant intended to move on? How is it working out? Hopefully better than any previous ones!! It sounds as if the fleas are a thing nightmares are made of but you’re finally about to be the caped crusader hero and win!!

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