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Fb censorship strategies...

Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 4:59pm by maggiesnextphase

Interesting video of two fb employee whistleblowers.   How they profile you, label you, silence you, and deprive you of vital information...


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James O'Keefe provides a great platform for exposing wrongdoings. I stopped using Facebook a good while ago. Twitter is just as bad as Facebook, though. I never thought America would tolerate censorship like they do today. But here we are. 

I never thought so either!  And I am having a hard time believing that people are so willing to accept it!

Thank God for whistleblowers and James O'Keefe. Always good work.

Never EVER use a FB login option for ANY site. Always use a private email.

Maggie, this may be helpful on Telegram if you're not aware...    O'keefe has a channel and like anyone else if you click on the profile you will find the archives of their postings down below. For researchers like yourself, this is very useful.

Here is his page if u want. https://t.me/JamesOKeefeIII


Thanks Scott!  I will take a look later when I have time.  (Gotta go to work soon)

Have a nice one :)


I am sorry for my screw up with you yesterday, Scott.

Please forgive me.

I'm not mad at you so nothing to forgive. I just don't know how to communicate I guess? I only have my opinions. Some will agree, some won't.... but I'm not here really wanting to fight with anyone, especially Americans.

Let's just move forward as we face this nightmare together?




It's a deal...I have my communication quirks, too.

I should know better... for years I tell people communication w/o facial & body cues is much harder...especially dicey with people one doesn't already know pretty well.


Being, Doing, Living Love and Loving Is The Most Useful Anti-Evil Force In Human Reality


Too bad humans have had such lousy teachers for practically ALL of their existence...

Not all lousy... at least in my case

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