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Driving bus drivers bonkers

Added: Sunday, October 18th 2020 at 9:55am by maggiesnextphase

I had a very challenging week.   Worked long hours with little sleep.  Had to be privy to someone's personal tragedy.  Drove the loopty-loop bus... and counted my blessings that I'm only a 'sub'.

I think I'll focus on that story, since it's the one that caused the most stress.  But first let me say that the various routes were up for bids recently.   Enough people have quit that I could have had full time employment with benefits! 

I chose to continue what I'm doing, but at a slightly higher rank.  Meaning more guarantee of work.  Later, I was sort of second guessing whether I had made the right choice.   One day of substitute bus driving convinced me I had.

It started out as a pretty good day.  Weather, fine.  Passengers... sweet.  Then I got back from lunch and everything changed.  My boss got too full, so I had to stop and call for a Dial-a-Ride driver to pick up a family that wouldn't fit. 

I assured them there would be someone to pick them up "SOON".  A half hour later I hear the dial-a-ride driver asking if they wanted him to pick up those people now.  I felt so bad for them having to wait so long.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck behind a school bus.  The bad thing about that is... our school buses no longer transport children.  Instead, they transfer school work packets and lunches.  So they have to stop every hundred yards or so to deliver or accept the goods.

You can't go around them.  You just have to wait.   The first bus eventually took pity on me, and pulled over to let me pass.  Unfortunately, a few miles later, I'd be stuck behind another one.

At this point I'm about 10 minutes behind.   We only have a 'cushion' of about 5 minutes.  Nobody was complaining, so I tried not to stress about it.  

As I went along I saw a guy on the sidewalk sitting in aWalker.  the kind that have a seat.  I slow down, watching him for some sort of signal that he wants to get on the bus.  He just sat there, motionless, so I continued on.

On my way back, he was on the other side of the road, waving his hat.  I stopped, and let down the ramp for him to get on.  He began yelling at me for not stopping.  I told him he needs to wave, or show some sign, or I won't know that he's wanting a ride.

He said "I CAN'T WAVE!"  I'm a little confused at this point, cuz somehow he managed to wave his hat on my return trip.   I apologized and carried on.  

My next passenger was the last person I wanted to see on a day when nothing is going right.  I picked her up at the hospital.  She was unsteady on her feet, and needed the ramp.  It almost looked like she might fall down walking the two steps to get to the ramp. 

She gets on and tells me her shoes stink, asking me if she can take them off and put them behind my seat, to which I give an emphatic "NO".  It would be one of many emphatic "NOs" that I would have to spew during the course of the remaining miles of that loop.

She proceeded to engage a sweet young passenger in finding out when the next northbout bus leaves.  Supposedly there was a party she wanted to attend.  The bus leaves at the time I should have alre as dy been at the station, but am now exceedingly late!

I ask her... "do you WANT to get on the northbound bu?  Cuz if you do, I can call them and see if they'll wait".  She said she did, so I asked over the radio if they would wait for my passenger.  They were running late too, so it would work.

My passenger then proceeded to insist on shortcuts, to insist that I pick up her friend, and to try to redirect me.  I felt like a real crank shouting "NO" as many times as I did.

When we finally pulled into the station she said "well, maybe I'll just stay on here and catch the next north bus (which wouldn't be for another 2 hours).  I said "NO!  If you want to go north you need to go NOW!!!"

So she ambles in through the isle and asks "How much time do I have?"  The north bus was apparently even later than I was, which was a relief, but I knew she couldn't dally.  All I could say was "Not much..."

Then she leaned toward me and said  "... cuz I pooped my pants".  Oh crap.  Now I have to be even later as I check the seat she was in, clean up a mess, and disinfect.

I don't know if she was wearing depends, or what, but thankfully there was no evidence of an accident.  I disinfected the area anyway.  I can't tell you how glad I was to get her off my bus!

when I got home Hubby was sleeping.   I needed to decompress, so I went to get food, and to the thrift store.  It really helped!  All I could think of was 'I'm SO GLAD I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS EVERY DAY!'

Anyway, today is my one day off, so I should probably shake it off and chill out for awhile.   Hope you all have a great day!

User Comments

Start writing all this down for a future book and maybe movie deal. Which actress would you like to play your part? {#basic-laugh.gif}

Hahaha!  Hmmm... 

I agree!! Sort of a "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" on a bus.


Gosh you deserve a day of after that.   Hope you relaxed and took it easy today.  l do not think you have an easy job at all.

Thank you!  All I could think of after that harrowing day was 'they're not paying enough for this!'

I am happily vegetating today.  I think it will be awhile before I substitute on the town loop again.  Yes, not an easy job at all!

I read and skimmed some of your post.

Ellie conveyed to me that you are married to Blogster 1derlander, and that 1derlander is a male. I'm not trying to irk you, I'm not, really, but:

Yes, you are married to 1derlander, and 1derlander is a male? I like have my facts in order is all...

Yes, and yes.  😎

Oh dear. And here I'd thought your husband was in California. In the Greater Metropolis of the San Francisco Bay Area.

He's not given to correct factual errors on the part of others, is he. Lucky him, then. My mind [whatever that is, ya know?] does not cease. Unless I go into a sort of trance whereby I do quite lit'rally nothing. Draws attention in the grocery stores, let me tell you.

Anyhoo. You're positioned perhaps better than you were, when it comes to leveraging? Very good.

Yes, Mr 1nderlander is not given to correcting factual errors.   He rather enjoys his mysterious anonymity, and would have preferred I not SHINE any light on it, lol.  We have roots and connection in the bay area.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about leveraging.

Leveraging your employer. I did manage to absorb that part. You're better positioned there, yes?

For more hours in the future if you want them...

Mags, I understood what you implied in that remark, believe you me I did, it's just that shutting my gob is and always has been a mighty effort for me. I try not to front people off, and then WHOOPS i do. Amazed he tolerates me, actually.

Oh, I see what you mean now.  Yes.  My "Spongebob-like" enthusiasm for work, (as Hubby affectionately alludes to), is serving me well, lol.

I'm like you in the gob-shutting department, lol.  He tolerates me too, somehow.  🤐

Quiche. It's that quiche you made. Joking, but not really. Feed him quiche. But don't let him smoke. Quiche, or cigarettes, but not both.

No worries on the smoking.  Quiche it is!

Oh Maggie I feel the need to decompress for you!  What a day that was, omg!  Now see, my nerves would have been shattered.  I don' do very well with situations like you have.  Bless you and your patience with passengers!

Thank you Dani! ❤

Maybe Maggie, IF your were full time you might have a kind of route that was just a regular route and you wouldn't have what you had. And more benefits is always a plus. But of course you might have done the right thing. But next I think if like here will be Spring, you might change your mind. Bro. Doc

Yes, we will be bidding again before you know it,  so I can change my mind later if I want to.   Right now I am happy to only drive a bus every so often.

The only thing I wouldn't like is not knowing in much time you have to work, and you might want to have done something else. I like to have the day planned the best I can with knowing what I am doing. But there are times in my being a Preacher I have to go right now. But for the most part I know what the day will bring. But, if you need all the benefits and probably a pay raise too I guess the full time would be the best. Bro. Doc

Right now I am not particularly needed anywhere else, so I don't mind being flexible.   In fact, I kind of like the variety.  Not having paid health insurance is the story of my life.  Doing a job that I may hate in order to get it doesn't seem like a good trade to me.  If I were less healthy... that might be a different story.

Ok, but there might come a day you might need steady employment. But I can understand why not now Maggie. Bro. Doc

I work steadily now.  And with the position I bid on I'm guaranteed a minimum of 32 hours a week.   So far it's been more.  I'm not that far away from retirement myself, so I don't really feel like I have to gear up for a career in it.

BUT, you might want to work past that time point. I forget what the birth years that retirement was moved upo to age 67 for full retirement. But for people like me, retirement come when I am not able to think or I die. And I don't plan on retiring. Some of the best preachers I have heard have been older preachers. I believe your Denomination has an older man as the head right now? Also there was a bus driver that drove bus til he was close to 80.  lol. how about after retirement become a taxi driver? lol. Bro. Doc

As for serving the Lord, we would do well to continue in that endeavor till our last breath.  Yes, as mentioned, our prophet is 96, I think.  It's just nice when your time is free enough to do as the spirit guides, rather than your boss or your budget.  And while it might be that I have opportunities almost every day to be an influence for good in the world, I feel I can do that anywhere, and in a variety of life situations.  

Do you know the reason they chose a man that old to be the head of the Denomination? I wonder if someone younger like in their 60's would be better and then they could serve longer. Even though I do work, I am still free to be gived by the Almighty to go somewhere. But I understand what you mean. But you are in a job and what you do you can be a blessing to someone, because I read of the things people have told you and you can give some wisdom back. So your in a great job Maggie. Bro. Doc

I agree... about my job.  As for our prophet, we believe he was called of God.  And strengthened by Him as well.  From what I've heard the man is a highly energetic.  Hard to keep up with!  He was a leading heart surgeon before being called to serve full time.  I don't know if he still jogs every day, but I know he did before he recieved this calling.  

I have no doubt Maggie, that the Leader of your Denomination was called by the Almighty. But what I was wondering is why have the past 5 or 6 been older Preachers, called too the leadership. But I do know that one should be called before they step into the Ministry, whether as a Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, Presiding General Overseer etc. IF one is not called the work will not go forth like it should. 

What I was wondering do the Leaders ever look at men younger for the leading of your Denomination or is it always older men that they look for?

Just thought I would ask and see if it is always older Ministers that always become the leader of your Denomination.

Now, I was 46 when I started our Organization and have been the Presiding General Overseer 20 years and will be 21 yrs in April.

I will say interested in learning why such older Preachers are called for the Leadership.

Always like learning something new.

Thank you for whatever light you can shed on this subject. Bro. Doc

We have what we call "The Quorum of the Twelve", which consists of worthy servants of the Lord, most of whom have been serving in other leadership positions throughout their adult life.  I believe our last prophet, President Monson, was called to the quorum in his 30s.  That's the youngest I've heard of in recent times. I'm not certain of the ages of all the current men who are in place right now, but a few look like they could be in their 40s or 50s.  It's not that age is a prerequisite.  It's more a matter of who the Lord has been preparing.  I believe that even though the current prophet has been serving for many years, it was for this particular time that he was meant to be in the position he's in.

Good lord! Thanks to your exhausting adventure, I'm wiped as well lol

Really sorry for all of the stress Maggie. Things are crazy enough without stinking shoes making them worse...

Right?  It was just a no win situation.  I'm so glad to be back in my dial-a-ride shoes!

StinkShoe Poopie-pants is no match for SpongeBob  Squarepants.   

Hahaha!  Well... this old sponge got a little wrong out on that day.

I'm laughing right out loud. You two are a perfect fit!


LOL, Sorry Maggie, but I was reading imagining you driving, being abused by the old bloke, then the old girl, and the delivery buses, and with my sick brain I had to chuckle, But really what a day you had, just relax and enjoy today.{#flower-for-you.gif}


Well you talked me right out of that new career choice! I'm still laughing at Stinkie shoe poopie pants. Oh dear that's gonna stick in my ear like a bad song!!

🤣  Sorrrry...

Stinky shoe poopie pants is no match for sponge bob square pants.....maybe you have a hit cartoon not a movie after all.

Lol... Spongebob is my personal mascot.   I think of him often as I enthusiastically say "YES!  I WOULD LOVE TO DO THE TOWN LOOP!"   " 3am START?  ABSOLUTELY!"

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