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Come with me if you vant to live...

Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 11:36am by maggiesnextphase

There is a similar graph of South America but I couldn't find it today.

I know that most people get the jab because they want to protect themselves and their loved ones.  I wholeheartedly support that premise. 

What I DON'T support is that in order to sell the world on the jab, they had to disparage other highly effective treatments.  I'm talking specifically about ivermectin here, but there are others that have been equally swept under the rug.

And even though I know that most people here have been jabbed, this information could still save your life.  Ivermectin will still work on whatever variant is going around. 

According to Dr Vladimir Zelenko, both ivermectin and hydroxychoriquin operate as "zinc delivery systems", helping your body absorb zinc, (which you should also be taking).  

I have friends who have first hand experience recovering with ivermectin.   Three days to feeling "normal", as opposed to... what?  A stay in the hospital where you may or may not recover?

I want to do what's right for myself and my loved ones too.  That's why I keep this on hand.  I trust it more than the jab. 

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COVID PCR Tests Don't Work, WHO Admits – but Why Now?

Fact is...

Some nurses have blabbed that Drs have actually withheld treatment and committed other nasty acts in hospitalized patients!!!!!!


Yes, I've seen those reports too.

F rom lexico[dot]com: nanotechnology: “The branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.”

Here are astonishing quotes from the journal Nano Today, in a 2019 paper titled: “Nanowire probes could drive high-resolution brain-machine interfaces .” Its authors are Chinese and American.


Not seeing the quotes..., but yeah, this field is hot, CCP pours money into dual use R&D.

Progress is rapid on research that utilizes tiny bits of materials.   (Eg: Industrial-sized logistical bottlenecks aren't a factor.) 


There has been research on utrasonics and lasers to stimulate cell activity also.

The precidents currently being set under the guise of covid could, (likely will imop) result in voluntary, eventually madatory installation of machine interface in our cyborged brains.

New meaning to Bill Gates, eugenicist, living in one's head

Yes indeedy dooo to all that!

Here's a link that'll prolly work to show you those"quotes" from my up above comment


OOPS!  here it is...


well the hot link doesn't work...maybe find it by search-engine searching

Why people should be worried about being injected with nano tech I don't know. Seeing as most of these people have mobile phones and computers and good old Alexa's.  Aren't they already being watched? I couldn't care less. 

Americans have rights and some of us even care about them.

I know you're not American, but I assume you have some protections where you live? So when you say you couldn't care less, all you're saying is that you don't need rights. Did it ever dawn on you that there was never even a conversation about whether or not unelected tech lords had the right to just come into your private shit? How deeply would you let your privacy be invaded? Do you even have a line in the sand?

I don't think you understand what nanotech is.


It's not so much nano tech that has me concerned, although I'm sure it's a 'thing'.   I'm seeing too many people come up with health problems.   I was disabled for 10 years and finally have my life back.   I don't want to risk having one of those bizarre reactions, or wind up with blood clots.  (Had a TIA a few years ago.  SCARY!)  I think the reports are legitimate, even if not everyone has an issue. 

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