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Checking in

Added: Tuesday, July 28th 2020 at 10:41pm by maggiesnextphase

It's been a few weeks, so I thought I'd better pop in and say hello.  I didn't drop off the planet.  Hubby and I have taken up walking every day.  We usually go morning and  evening unless I have to work.  On those days I've been walking to and from work.  

There is a bunch of workout equipment there, which I recently started using.  I'm feeling stronger already!  Mostly My Shoulders and knee, Which Were Giving Me Problems.  My Coworkers, many of Whom Also Work out, Have been Very Supportive.

Today we Had A Video Call From Oldest Daughter  and baby grandson While We Were Walking On The Beach.  Hubby Propped the Phone Up On A Stump While We Perched Ourselves On A Log.  It Was Fun!

Turns Out She And Her Hubby Are Walking about Five Miles A Day.  We're Doing About 3-4... But They Have A Baby In Tow.  

Meanwhile, Youngest Daughter Let Me Know Yesterday That She is Worried about Me Because Of My Rightwing Ideas.  She Thinks I Might be On The Wrong Side Of The Battle between Good And Evil.  Ugh.

Let Me Tell you... There Were SO MANY things I Would have Loved To Share With Her, But I Knew it Would Be Pointless.  She's Young.  She Thinks She's Got it All Figured Out.  And With Her Knew 'Political Understandings' She Feels Ready To 'Correct' Her Parents Lest We Screw Up Yet Another Generation.  Isn't that Sweet!  {#im-gonna-be-sick.gif}

Well, I Tried to Keep My Response Upbeat, Ignoring the Twisted Perceptions She Apparently Has Of Us.  I Don't know Who Or What Is Influencing Her Now, But She Let Me Know Loud and Clear That  she no Longer Espouses ANY of the Values That We Tried To Instill in Her.

I'm Just going To Wait This One Out.  If I Try To 'Fix It', It'll Just drive the Wedge Further.  Good thing I've already been through the mill a few times.  Otherwise, I might be devastated by the things she said.  Oh... I am saddened.  I won't lie.  I'm just not gonna waste my emotional energy on nonsense.

On the lighter side...We Had Little Man Over For Part Of the Weekend.  That Was A Bright Spot!  He's Just So Sweet and Easygoing... And Such A Pleasure To Be Around. 

He Spent the Night, And while tucking him in, I did My Dramatic Rendition of The Three Little Pigs.  Then Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Then Songs.  He Said "I Like LOTS of song, Grandma".  So I Sang Till His Little Eyelids Couldn't Stay Open Anymore.

So... That's Family Life Around here These Days.  




User Comments

Sounds like you are really keeping very fit.  You would put me to shame.  

l am sure you just love having the little one staying over.  Bet he enjoyed all the songs :-)

I'm so grateful for the time we get to spend with him!  He enjoys everything we do with him, which makes it all the more enjoyable for us, too.  

As for working out and walking... it's still a challenge!

There is a big difference between misguided and subverted. Hopefully youngest Daughter isn't the latter because that will not be corrected by a firm talk. That's the difference between my generation and yours, as compared to the two that followed. Today there aren't many opportunities for a U-turn. It's mostly crash and burn.

Subverted... that describes it exactly!  Oh, but I hope your prognosis is wrong.  😬

Me too!

Maggs I'm laughing cause I've been through this kid stuff and still going it yrs later.. You are wonderful and yes sometimes silence is the only way to live with those who suddenly think they've got to the right place in their life all by themselves and now are ready to tell you everything you did wrong that drove them there. (Generation to generation it never changes) Mine was 30 before she actually said she was sorry for not having listened to me and now wished she had. Son forget it he is always right I'm wrong but guess who is living in who's life totally dependant upon who cause he is right is to screwed up to do it on his own..Daughter still has her views that I'm wrong, but now at 50 calling me daily and I realizing that for all her right and my wrong the hell she is going through has her now dependant on contact with the security and sanity she needs to survive. Just wait someday when their kids are grown they will get told how wrong they were =hopefully they will see that each is right for their own time evolutionary time slot in society. Love ya girl, glad your taking  care of you now and feel good.

Thanks for always helping me know I'm not alone.  You're a rock!  It's so hard to let them learn the hard way.  Especially when you know that half of what they do is largely to show YOU that they don't have to listen to you.   It hurts everyone.

For Sure it is painful but at least they are not playing the robotic roll of doing just because it's how they were taught..They will soon start to come around cause at first it's do what my peers  do then they eventually want to be their own people.. and that may be very different from us but we taught themto think for themselves without us so it good...

That's why I didn't try to clobber her with facts and truths.  I simply said 'clearly you are wanting to figure things out for yourself, and that is absolutely appropriate'.   I told her I was proud of what she was doing that is "right' (in my view).  And I told her what we've been up to that might make us seem more 'normal' than she wants to paint us as.  That de-escalated the situation, enough that she began to backpedal on some of her harsh judgements of us.  It was the best I could do under the circumstances. 

Sounds like you got it Maggie... all we can do is pray they  were born with enough self integrity that they follow the path they came here to walk to be the best them they can be...and support them for who they choose to  be. Not always easy but it is their life not ours and your honoring that.


I'm glad we finally heard from you. I was beginning to think you'd died or something. Too bad about your daughter. She may change her mind about the Right once the Democrats get back in the driver's seat and show her what they're made of. 

Right!  While I would love for her to learn thst lesson, I don't want to sacrifice the whole country to get it, lpl.

Good Morning Maggie, I was wonderding what happened to you! I hope that going to Portland that your really careful on the bus. Lots of stuff going on there. Glad your walking that much and your family in England is doing well.

The daughter with the strange views, all you can do is bombard heaven and pray for her. Lots of liberals around, and if she is in the Portland area with all the Protesters 99.9% are liberal and no wonder she is mixed up and isn't on the right track. You run into lots of young people her age in that frame of mind mixed up. Parents wrong, world wrong, government wrong etc. Only her generation can fix it. Well they are not fixing a thing. Take care. See you soon on here again. Bro. Doc

I agree 100%.  A little maturity and perspective is what she needs.  Hopefully it'll come with time. 

I would say by the way she is acting she is around 22-25 yrs of age. This iw when they that want to be different start to act like parents don't know anything. Prayfully she will not get into trouble with the way she is going. All one can do is pray for her and let the Heavenly Father take control. Bro. Doc

So true

  Been praying. 

That is the best thing one can do Maggie, and the more that pray helps. So she is on the prayer list too. Bro. Doc

Every generation thinks they have all the answers and won't do what their parents and grand parents did. When she is our age she'll understand she didn't have all the answers she thought she did.

Just let it go in one ear and out the other.

Good advice.

"Meanwhile, Youngest Daughter Let Me Know Yesterday That She is Worried about Me Because Of My Rightwing Ideas. "

The Dem/Commie Teachers (in every venue) have got to her, I guess.

Yep.  So sad... 😕

Well keep you eye out for my next post, it's about our baby girl {surprise surprise}lol, Lin is making what is needed and I'll paint it tonight, {just hope I have enough craft paint, and I don't have to use the smelly normal one}.   I love to hear about you having lil man, he sounds an absolute delight.

I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Yes, Little Man is a delight!  I'm SO GRATEFUL that ww get to spend time with him!

And it is just so good for LM, to spend time with you and hubby. {#giveflowers.gif}

He does love coming here.  He never wants to go home.

LOL  I wonder why, little ones love to get full attention and smothered in love, and that's what he gets with you and grandpa.

Yep!  ☺

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