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Best one yet!

Added: Thursday, October 10th 2019 at 3:29am by maggiesnextphase

Picture, that is...

I'm sorry for over-posting on this.  I'm just so happy!  I still can't believe they actually did it!  They braved becoming parents! 

They had every reason to fear.  Or so they thought.  Daughter was on medication that for years she was told could cause birth defects.   Then suddenly she is told that's not necessarily true.   That they deliver healthy babies to moms on this medication all the time!

And I don't know how widespread this is, but what I've seen from their generation is an attitude that having babies is a BAD idea.   That you're contributing to global warming, and taxing the already strained resources of the planet. 

Now add close frinds and  relatives who have zero desire to 'multiply and replenish the earth'.  Who treat people with disdain if they get Pregnant... as if NOBODY would EVER do that ON PURPOSE.  And No 'INTELLIGENT' person Would Do it... PERIOD!

Ok, maybe I'm exagerating a little bit... but probably not that much.  All I can say is, I'm so grateful for my son-in-law... who made it 'safe' to make this decision.   These two are going to be AWESOME parents! 

User Comments

Lotta love in that pic. Awesome Maggie :)

I know, right!  {#floating.gif}


Love it. Children are our future thank goodness! 

This is so heartwarming.

Thank you! šŸ˜Š

And yes ... they are!

I love this circle of love.  This pic should be framed and hung on a wall for life.  It say so much! No words needed.

I was thinking the same thing!  šŸ˜

A miracle and a beautiful picture. You have every right to be happy Maggie. Bro. Doc

Thanks Bro Doc!  šŸ˜Š

With the younger generation if there isn't an APP for it, they are clueless and that includes where babies come from.....LOL


Maggie what a perfect picture of love. I have observed the same as you about becoming parents. Iā€™m very glad your daughter and her husband were brave enough to follow their hearts.

Me too!  And I'm glad it's not just my family!  It's kind of a miracle that anyone is willing to do this against so much pressure and discouragement, but I'm glad they do. 



Tell those naysayers to hush the *#$%* up, they may have just given birth to the Einstein who can fix it all.

Consider the youngster's pedigree, it wouldn't surprise me one bit!

Lol... it's funny how we never think of THAT possibility!

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