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Baby it's cold inside

Added: Tuesday, January 29th 2019 at 10:34am by maggiesnextphase

Hubby is camera shy.  So camera shy that he made me delete the cute picture of him on the couch with his ski cap and hoody and blankie.  That's how we bundle up in our house!  And we're not even IN the Polar Vortex!

This is actually good 'working weather', so really  that's what we SHOULD be doing.  Don't worry, I'll get around to it.   Right now I'm nursing a Headache.   I was trying to make it go away without taking anything, but it's not working. 

I guess it's time to figure out where the aspirin is.  Funny... I used to take that stuff at least 4 times a day!  Sure is nice not to be doing that anymore. 

Anyway, I'm still working on walls over there.  I put a bunch of stuff in her newly cleaned closet so that I could start on the part that I couldn't get to before.  I ran out of mud again or I would have at least put one coat on yesterday.  Oh well.  It's All Ready For Today.

But First... Aspirin...

Ya'll Have a Great Day, Ok!


User Comments

It's always been a cool house, especially without wood-stoves 

Yes it has.  It's strange that the warmest house we ever lived in was that rickety old Manufactured home... lol.

No worries. I wear a hoodie ...

You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.  I'll bet your wearing even more than that this week!

I was saying the other day it was colder inside then outside.

That happens a LOT in this house!

Well I'm pleased to say it's cool inside here as well.....lol...but it's stinking hot outside.

I'm certainly glad that at least your house gives you some relief from the heat!

OH yes, my computer is in-front of the A/C and even if I'm reading I just pop my feet up on a chair and sit here where is lovely and cool.

Trailer living here: dressed in an ankle length hooded fleece robe, fleece pants and shirt underneath, two pairs of socks and an electric throw over my legs.

My bedside table is stocked with various goodies and supplies, and we have a movie lined up and ready to go.   Cold be damned, it's going to be a pleasant afternoon....as long as the power holds.

You sound like you are about as ready as you can be.   I pray that the power holds out too!

Day 2 of the three-day cold siege:  Still doing ok, power's on, no pipes frozen thanks to the wonder of heat tape, and the movie was good!  (We watched 'Bad Times at the El Dorado.'  Very strange and entertaining!)

The floors are still cold, though, so it's another day to be spent (mostly) sitting on my chair or bed.  Oats for breakky--beanie-weenies planned for lunch--and a quick chicken alfredo for dinner, easy peasy with a jarred sauce. 

I'd love some bacon to add to that alfredo...should I make Simon go get some?  Bwuahahaha....feelin' mean after beeing cooped up together...we both are!

Lol!  Forced togetherness can sometimes run hot or cold.

Wishing you WARMTH!

It is cold here too. Right now I have on flannel pjs , footies and bedroom slippers. I plan on hitting the couch after I fix some supper, with an electric throw. I love that thing. I even have some slippers to put in the microwave to warm my feet. Might dig them out of closet too, relax with a hot cup of green tea. 

That sounds lovely!  I love my electric throw, too!  It's a life saver!

And maggie those heated slippers are so cozy, but I find them funny to walk in. Mine have some kind of filling in it but they have a faint lavender smell to them. They are nice.

I have never heard of this.   I was wondering if they had rice in them, like those neck warmers that were a thing a few years back. 

I think, It is lindseed or something like this. I threw the box away. BUT it even came with a pouch with a drawstring, you put the whole thing in the microwave.


(I mean... WARM!!)  LOL


I don't like summer and the horrible heat we get here but lately I feel I'll never be warm again!! I keep my clothes for the next day under my electric blanket so in the morning I won't be quite so cold putting on ice cold clothing!! I wear 3-4 layers of clothes and I'm still constantly cold.

Oh wow!  Sounds like you don't have adequate heat at the house where you're living!  I usually wear two shirts, and often have my coat on indoors.  And that's WITH the heat on!  

No our central heat is going out and too expensive to fix or replace it for now. I use the oven a lot to heat the front part of the house.

We do that too sometimes.  

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