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Another day in the big bus

Added: Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 8:53am by maggiesnextphase

I got to drive the Freightliner yesterday.   What a difference!  The seat adjusts every which way, and so does the steering wheel.  That's my biggest complaint about the big buses.  They don't fit me right.

It also had a 'retarder' so I didn't have to brake as often in the curves and hills.  And it handles the bumps really well.  It even has heated mirrors!  It came in handy, cuz it was raining.

This bus made my long day of driving SO MUCH more pleasant!  Not enough to want to take a bus position, but enough to make my (hopefully) last day of training a more comfortable experience.   That, and the other driver, who was delightful company.

I feel comfortable enough with all the routes that if I had to fill in in a pinch, I could.  Especially if they let me choose the bus I drove yesterday.  But it looks like the guy who has been out with health problems is back!  So... Now... I hope to get back to what I really love doing.  Medical transport. 

But first... I'm so happy to be able to sit here and just chill out.  We might do more cleaning and organizing today.  Or... not.  Nice to have options. 


User Comments

You have the weekend off driving? Maybe clean a little....organizing a little and relaxing a lot?

Maggie I'm really happy for you with this job.  There are so many good benefits for you and very little issues and you are so happy with the whole thing.  I'm glad you found this job!  :)


Thank you!

Ralph Kramden would be proud of you and what you have accomplished.


Take a break, you earned it!

I am!  Have done nothing but sleep, and make stir fry.  

I guess I have never seen Public Transportation buses by Freightliner. Here in this area they use different buses. They are lot like the buses you see in downtown Portland. Ride Share which doesn most of the medical transports have nice buses here. And when they are over booked 4 different cab companies do medical or other transports for them. Is your kind of medical transport the kind with people that need lots of lifting and you had to get special trained to work with those people. I know every bus driver needs a CPR card. Some need a card also like the CNA's get. Maybe one day you will be driving a regular bus route not just medical transport. Bro. Doc

I have my CPR and First Aid card.  

I knew you had them. Maybe soon you will have enough rank and you can do a regular route. Bro. Doc

I don't want a regular route.

Some day you will. Here in Eugene where LTD is, you change your route every quarter. Believe it or not there is one bus driver that has the No 1 Spot, and he has had the same route for 7 years. The McKenzie Bridge run. He loves it and the people love him. But once you been with your company long enough you just might want a regular route Maggie lol. Bro. Doc

I might.  The lady I drove with the other day didn't expect to want a bus route either, but there are advantages. 

A friend tells me here there is. Because you only work so many hours a day, you get a lunch break, and a 15 minute break during the day. And here if they need extra drivers for something they go down through the list of drivers and ask you for your radio if you want to do it, and if you do it becomes over time. Since we have the UofO Ducks here in Eugene, they always need drivers for that, Then the County Fair. The LTD Drivers do drive the nicest buses. Ride Share which is something like you do, have 30 ft buses with a front door, and a door in the middle with the ramps. They are nice but not as nice as the 60 ft or the buses that bend. But to drive those one has to have a special license I am told. But when you drive those your route goes around and around in circles all day down the lane for the buses. Because they are suppose to get you from point A to B faster.  

There are advantages to what you drive now. At least your off by 8 p.m. I think, that is how it works here.

But you do get too meet lots of interesting people driving a bus. Bro. Doc

Ours are only 35 feet at the longest.  My big complaint is that the bus jobs are a minimum of a 10 hour day, though only about 8.5 of that is spent driving.  Most of the bus positions have health insurance.  Van driving doesn't, because they can't guarantee full time hours, so most of those are technically part time, even if you work 40 hours more often than not.   It's not really fair, but it's how it is.  I simply enjoy the work more on the vans, but in the end, I may choose benefits over satisfaction, lol.

That is different. Because here if you work 40 hours, whether you drive for LTD the main bus company or you work for Ride Share like what you do, you have health insurance after your 90 days grace period. I wonder why if your working 40 hours a week one doesn't have health insurance. I thought that all people whom worked for 40hrs got health insurance. So this is probably why they only work part time to keep from paying them health insurance. But if it is owned by the same company that provides regular bus services and I think it is, then that doesn't seem right to not give you all health insurance also. Bro. Doc

It's about the job classification being "part time", more than the hours.  I thought we already went over this. 

I now get it when you said Job classification. I don't remember see those words before. So I misunderstood. Sorry! Bro. Doc

What a joy that must have been to get the good bus for a change!  Kind of a reward for making it through training, huh?  lol

Right!  It made all the difference. 

Glad things are going well with your new job

Thank you!

Being comfortable can make all the difference when driving. Glad you'll be getting back to what you really enjoy. 

Me too!

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