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And she did!

Added: Tuesday, June 18th 2019 at 11:28am by maggiesnextphase

She helped me pull weeds today.  Between the two of us there was a big pile.   You gotta love a willing worker, even if you have to pay in jelly beans. 

User Comments

Oh that is so neat! I love it! I loved gardening with my Grandmother as a little girl.

It's been so great!  She's a very eager learner.

That is so cute!!


Love it. Jelly beans are good

I agree!  😉

She is a cute young lady. And I hope you gave her some red jelly beans. Bro. Doc

She got red, and just about every other color,  lol


I think red are the best. That is cool. Bro. Doc

If she works to much, she'll turn into a jelly bean soon.....LOL

Shhhh!  Don't tell her that!

Whatever works Maggie, lol.

I had no idea this would be so successful!  I wish I had used it on my kids!

In the world of grandparenting...whatever works...works.

Yep!  And you gotta be grateful that at this age it's so simple!

Isn't she adorable??  She deserves extra jelly beans just for cuteness!

I know, right!  

What a cute helper you had, and all it cost was fun and Jelly beans, way to go.

Oh Sandra... you're BACK! 

You had a LOT of us worried about you!



She's adorable and worth spending the extra cash on Jelly Beans. Although, in a few years, when she begins to know her worth, she might start demanding Jelly Belly brand. LOL

These actually were jelly bellies, until I got smart and bought some cheaper ones to top off the machine. 

Wish she could work for me. I might even spring for some chocolate bars.

Lol.  Well, maybe your grandkids will be able to help you one day. 

LOl that's sign is great. I love the garden but I hate weeds so you would totally have to pay us both in jelly beans. (I like black) lol

I like black too!  And I feel like I've already pulled enough weeds for one lifetime, but they just keep growing!

They are good right :) ...Many people do not like the black. I could just have all black & I would be very happy :) 

Yes I know what you mean. Weeds can take over in a blink of an eye. 

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