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About that paint...

Added: Saturday, September 19th 2020 at 1:56pm by maggiesnextphase

Ok, so when I said I bought paint on my checklist, I want you to know it wasn't just a little trip down to the store.  Nope.  I wanted Sherwin Williams paint.  I have to tell you how I came to know or care about that particular brand.

We have a local character in our town that I'm pretty sure I've written about.   He looks like Santa wearing camo, and rides the bus with everything he owns on his back.  He's had a lot of unique experiences and is full of interesting stories.

One reason he carries everything he owns on his back is because he's had and lost all the usual things people aspire to like houses, businesses, and marriages.  I'm not sure when, but at some point he decided to just take the proverbial road less traveled.

Homeless by choice.  Not drunk.  Not dirty.  Not unskilled.  And certainly not antisocial.  I once had a long conversation with him in which I got to hear some of the details of his life.  He seemed so anxious to share, and everything he said was so interesting. 

Anyway, he told me that if I ever need to paint a house in the Pacific northwest where we live, I should use Sherwin Williams paint.   He said he'd used it on his mom's house years ago, and never had to do it again.  When they'd wash it, the paint always looked new again.

Sorry this is getting long, but what he said stuck in my mind.  So when I had those two young men paint the worst wall of my house I had them use the top of the line Sherwin Williams.   Regular price is like $60 a gallon, but they were having a 40% off sale.

Still, it was a lot of money.  So when I saw a craigslist ad for SW paint at $15 a gallon, I called them up.  The guy sells it out of his barn in a town two hours away.  Keep in mind, this is for a whole house, and workshop, with brand new siding on it, so I needed a lot of paint!

Anyway, we went there on the smokiest of days.  I had already given my daughter downpayment money for the month, and I really didn't have a lot leftover... but I was pretty sure I could buy enough paint at these prices.

The Guy Was So Nice!  He Had Been Flipping Houses For Years, And Apparently Had A Deal With The Local SW Dealers To Take Their Mis-mixed Paints Off Their Hands.  Suffice it To Say, He Had A Plentiful Collection, And Could Make Just About Any Color.  

I Chose A Rusty Red.  He Then Went About Mixing And Remixing, To Make Sure to get the cor I wanted  and to make sure All 15 Gallons Matched Exactly. 

While He Did that, We Discovered that He Is A Member Of Our Church.  That Conversation was just getting Going when another Guy Walks In, Hears Us Talking About Church, And Starts Telling Us The Most Amazing Stories!

We Have Not Been able To Attend Church For Months.  And While We Do Love 'Home Church', We Don't Get The Stories And Perspectives That Come From Attending With Others.  So This Was A Very Welcome And Appreciated 'Meeting'! 

We Felt So Enriched!

We Were Sure We Must Be Glowing When We Headed Over To Visit Youngest Daughter.  We Were Hoping We Could Share Some Of These Stories With Her And Her Fiance, Too.

Sadly, The Atmosphere Wasn't Right For It.  On The Way Home, We Talked About That.  You Know, Sometimes The Message may Just be Meant For YOU. 

We Comforted Ourselves With That Thought On The Long Drive Home... Grateful That We Had Been in The Right Place At The Right time... And With the Right Frame of Mind To Hear What We Heard.


User Comments

Now I feel like I hung out with you all day. {#basic-cool.gif} Yep, not all homeless people are druggies and alcoholics, many have held down interestings jobs and traveled the world. 




Glad you got the paint you needed at a good price. Not sure why you have not been to the Assembly in months. We have been having assembly meetings for 3 months now. Now you will have to paint or the rain will come for the rest of the year or the cold. Bro. Doc

Yes, it will be there if weather permits.  Our bishop and other leaders are being uber careful.

Your the only denomination not having assembly. Everyone else went back three months ago. And nothing has happened.  Painting is something I never liked. If this house was not painted I would stain it and it would never have to be painted again. Bro. Doc

Some congregations are meeting, with certain stipulations about distancing as well as sanitation. Some are doing zoom.  There is talk about opening up.  Truthfully, they did a test meeting.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until the paint experience. 

I have been holding services for nearly 3 a half months.  And during the first month we had our services out in the park across from the building.  But I am sure it is safe enough for them to have meetings. They do here in Junction City I am told anyway. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

I'm pretty sure the governor has something to say about that.  We are not an independent little church. Our church follows the letter of the law according to wherever they are.

Well, the governor has allowed Religious Organizations too meet since June in their respective places Maggie. And I went by the Local LDS Assembly yesterday and there were 15 cars in the parking lot for local services. It doesn't matter Maggie, how big or how small the Governor has allowed ALL of us to meet big or small. Christ Center here in JC has nearly 350 people and they are meeting in the School they bought in 1970. So that is all I know. Because everyone big or small that is a Religious Organization has to follow the same rules from the State Maggie. Bro. Doc

Our church left it to local and stake leaders to make the decision.  The decision would be based on how many vulnerable people attend, whether adequate spacing could be attained, as well as adequate cleaning.  The sacrament passing was another consideration.  Also, microphone usage.  All things considered, combined with the fact that everybody was doing well doing their home church, our bishop and stake president chose to delay opening.   That is about to change, or so I'm told.

I guess here in Junction City, it changed the first of Sept. When I was downtown at the Print Shop I asked Steve and he said they decided the first Sunday of Sept they were having meeting and have had them ever since. Guess, by my understanding the local leaders decided it was time to have the meetings. In our Assembly I don't need a mic. And the cleaning is done on Friday Morning for the Sabbath Service. And we have the Saviour's Supper or the elements one a year  around Passover time. So we don't have to worry about that. But maybe be before the week is over you will be going back to the Assembly Maggie. Take care. Bro. Doc

Such a nice story. 

Thank you!  I'm glad you liked it!

So SW is good paint, must be why we've had a local SW dealer in town for as long as I can remember who stays in business competing with a Lowe's, two Home Depots, ACE and anyone else selling paint.

That's what I've heard.  That they're the best.  

What a lovely day you had, and it was lovely to hear about it, so thank you Maggie.

Thank you for coming along on this lengthy, wordy, journey, lol.

I've missed so much so I'm in the dark about what's being painted and down payments and such but I'm trying to get caught up and yes....sometimes the message is ours alone.

Let me know if you need me to fill in some blanks.  I'm not sure how thorough I've been lately, lol.

I figured out the paint and what's being painted but not the down payment? I'm having a hard time going back to read the older blogs as my computer is old and slow like me. Oh by the way wow on the $15 a gallon paint for ANY paint is amazing but for SW... WOW

I thought so too!  

As for the downpayment, I'm helping my daughter in England who is hoping to buy a house.  They have a special incentive program for a new development, but they are shot about $5k.  I told her I thought I could help with that, but it would be over a period of a few months.


How wonderful for them that they have you to help!

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