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Added: Saturday, March 25th 2023 at 10:40am by maggiesnextphase

Well, I hit my 50 lb weight loss goal this week!  I had caught a cold, and wasn't up for walking, so I mostly rested and ate very little.  I wanted to make sure that being sick didn't derail me. 

Next goal... to get out of the "obese" description on my Pedometer chart.  I have to lose about 2-3 more lbs for that.  According to them I'll be "overweight".  Who would have ever thought that THAT would be a GOOD thing?

I know I'm obsessed, but i honestly think that's what it takes.  Truly, being that I've come this far, there isn't a day where I don't put some sort of emphasis on it in one form or another.  Usually multiple forms.

Enough of that...

I woke up to snow again this morning.   Thankfully I'm not working today, but I did drive to the store in it to get some steps in.  I'm not into getting my feet wet and cold.

Yesterday was a big snow driving day.  60 miles of it!  I did fine except for a bit of snowpack on the road at the summit.  I was just cresting the hill when I began to fishtail, then slide off to the side a bit. 

I was going slow, but it's really disconcerting when you don't have control of your vehicle.   Thankfully it was a very brief wobble, and once I got off that patch of packed snow and ice the road was good.  

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate driving in snow?  I can't wait until it's no longer an issue. 

Other than that there's not much to report.   Hope y'all are well!

User Comments

Congrats.  We barely had snow this winter.

That's amazing!  Like Scott says... maybe we switched!

Good job on hitting your 50lb loss goal.


Thanks!  Still more to go... but you gotta appreciate the milestones along the way. 

Hi Maggie, I am glad you reached your goal for weight. Congrads. I am glad we didn't have any snow here. I am surprised that you did. Have a good rest of your day. Bro. Doc

I know, right?  The coast is usually milder than everywhere else. 


Weather has been so different in Feb and even March. For about 1/2 hour about 4 p.m. yesterday we had hail, and had about 1 inch. Strange weather. Take care. Bro. Doc

I feel like y'all up there switched weather with us here in Ohio. Sounds backwards...  spring has definitely arrived here...  wind knocked out power for a bit today...

Good job on ur goal Maggie. It isn't easy.


I'm glad at least somebody is getting some spring temps.   We do have daffodils blooming... and frogs chirping, so I know we're getting close to better weather. 

You're right.   It isn't easy.   Such a long drawn out process, and I am impatient.   And I'm not perfect at it, but I have several YouTube coaches to keep me going. 

Me and my ginormous sweet tooth...I find that if I cut out all sweets (including the sugar in my coffee) my weight slowly but steadily dimishes. I'm 5'9". It would go down to about 165. Currently it's 185.

Sugar is a Beast!  I'm currently not partaking, but have discovered monk fruit as a substitute in my home made coleslaw dressing. 

Clever girl.

Nice going!!

Thanks!  😁


😁  Thanks!

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