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Added: Thursday, March 1st 2012 at 10:15pm by m00nsh1n3
Related Tags: poems, christianity, faith, love, god

I tie you around my neck

You hang  with open arms

Sorrow and pain dripping from your wrists

Sacrifice hovering above your head

I can see the grain of the wood

A deep brown soaking up crimson despair

Rustic nails cutting into virgin flesh

Your barbed crown weeps  tears of blood


I used to be lost

Following deception

The devils navigated

Pulling me

Tugging on me

Dragging me into desperation

I was empty

I was lost

I was afraid

Shivering like a lost child

Wet with fear

Cold with heartache

A bleak confusion



I believed the fairy tales

I gave so much to the idols

Heartbeats and time

Never to be reciprocated

I ran the races

Competed in the contests

Jumped through the hoops

I never got a trophy

Empty promises and broken dreams

My only reward


I sought truth

Finding only lies

Questions with no answers

Dreams with no hope

I covered my eyes

A want to be blind

I was weak from the fight

Scratches from sharp claws

Left deep scabs

I collapsed

Knees hitting the gravel

A cut I didn’t feel


You reached for me

A gentle hand

Raising me up from my darkness

A once  blighted soul

Now seeking promise



I sought your word

Leather bound wisdom

Pages of fragile linen

Your teachings  in red

A mirror to the blood you shed

Your story spoken

A whisper in my ear

Words I once misunderstood

Now clarified


Now I lay me down to sleep

You send me visions

Beauty or hideousness

I have made my decision

Dreams of snow

A visit from the deceased



I have awakened

A hole in my heart

The void now filled

Evil no longer corrupts

Your beautiful sunrise

Each day is like the first

A new breath

Waiting to be inhaled


An exhale of praise

My lips now purified

My hands now clasped

My heart now healed

My mind now free

My life now guided

Disorientation now dissipated

Darkness now light

Fear now confidence

Weakness now strength

Lost now found

User Comments

Wonderful touching poem!

Thank you very much!  I am happy that you enjoyed it!

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