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Wait Wait...wait

Added: Tuesday, June 18th 2019 at 11:38am by LouieLouie
Category: Health

Teslin is waiting for her human. She is staring out the doorway, waiting. She did very well with the stay however I think Charlie will be happy to see her leave. He actually is a bit jealous. Not mean growly jealous, but he likes to walk over and stand between Tes and GG or I.

Well. Update on the situation? I am a determined cuss you know. I called the clinic where GG's PCP is. Busy, busy, busy. I got very irritated and then called the Madison VA appointments people. She sent me to a clerk who took info and said a Triage Nurse would call back.


Here is how it goes down.

Them: We think he should be seen right away. Please bring him to our ER.

Me: No, I'm not driving 2+ hrs in the rain and through 2 construction bypasses to spend 2 hrs in the ER to be told that ...HUH. Perhaps he should be seen by his PCP!

Them: Well, he needs to come in, when can you bring him?

I have been this route so many times before for little issues and some big issues. This issue could and should have been resolved last August when his knee first acted up. However by the time they 'got' around to it in December, he had a Pulmonary Emboli two days later. So it was dropped. I found the email that the nurse wrote me and it said that they would not pursue having him seen by an ortho. Huh.

How did I miss that? Anyway here we go again. Except that the left leg, foot, ankle, toes, are all swelled. I've done what I've seen PT do. I measured the legs and have documented them.

And this is why there needs to be a good system in place for Veterans. Rural veterans have this trouble. I know The Mission Act is supposed to be in play.

But what do we want to bet that they ask me to drive him 90 miles?...especially when I could get the same treatment and more immediate follow up with a 15 mile drive.

Eldest son is about 20 minutes away. He'll be here soon.

User Comments

Geeze that sucks. Poor GG. I am sure you will be happy to see your son again 2

I saw him only for a bit. We did go into town and I opened up an account with him as joint. That is off my to do list. Next is contacting the attorney. 

The triage nurse felt he should be seen immediately in their ER and I asked her how a 2+ hr ride would be? She agreed he should go to our nearest ER.

Now the turd says he'll go in the morning.

Suspected blood clot in the leg. I'm so tired!

Son headed to home with his dog. She wasn't sure she was supposed to go with him and sat on the porch while he walked to the car! She must have liked it here.

Blood clots are Nothing to mess with. 

That sucks that you can not get the help you need for GG closer to home.

I would hope that all people could get good care close to home. Wouldn't that be a wonder?

In deed it would be

With the Mission's Act. They the VA has 20 day to get you into some place close too home if you have one that will take VA clients. This is how the system is too work. If you have seen someone in the last 6 months you can get a referal back too them. Also you could if you live more that 30 miles from the VA go too the Urgent Care at the Local Hospital and they will see him, and then the ball will get rolling. Wish you well. Bro. Doc

Yes we will be going to the ER or UC in the morning. We will go locally because he doesn't feel up to the long ride. He was supposed to go this afternoon but declined going right then.

The triage nurse was concerned and felt it could be a blood clot in the leg. 

I hope we can get approval for him to see someone local. I feel he'd get better care from one of our home town docs.

Yes, a blood clog could be the cause. But I hope not. Here anyway locally, gets the ball moving faster. I know it did in in late Dec 2010 and early 2011, when I had to send a while in the hospital. I got the surgery, and the treatments fast. This could have been my death if it was not done fast. I do hope he gets the treatment he needs and good care. He deserves that. Bro. Doc

Vets should be able to go anywhere close to home and still be covered.

I agree with you all the way. I've been running this gamut since 1997 and it gets tiring.

A good friend of mine lived 1 1/2 hours from the VA hospital.  When she was too sick and could't go to the VA she'd go to the local hospital ER and the hospital would then contact the VA hospital  for approval of payment.  She was actually going to VA approved drs in her town as well as the local hospital instead of them making her travel the 1 1/2 hours to the VA hospital.  Our hospitals here, work with the VA system which allows Vets to seek immediate medical attention if traveling to the VA hospital itself, is too far.  ALL VA's should work this way.

Our local hospital works pretty well that way in emergencies but not urgent care and not regular care.

We have established some care with a local doctor and I would like to see her in the future. It is unfortuneate that we have to see a doctor that works very hard and tries very hard but doesn't have time to listen to her patients.

Here's hoping he gets seen right away!

That Tes looks like she knows he's 20 minutes away!  You did a good job with her. 

Thanks, she did a pretty good job.

GG will go in with me tomorrow. Sigh he was supposed to go this afternoon. Stubborn ol' cuss, he wanted to visit with my son instead.

Poor old Tess, waiting anxiously for her human.  She is probably at the age where change is upsetting to her.

Sorry you are having problems with the VA.

You know, sometimes they are so excellent in care I can't compliment them enough.

Last thought...I have been suspicious of the knee swelling now since last August. They withdrew blood 5 times on different occasions. The knee has never been really addressed properly in my opinion. What if...

What if all the dang blood clots have been stemming from the knee all of this time and no one ever did anything more than an xray? I don't know. I am just tired. Another reason we won't drive the 2+ hrs to the VA ER.

Yep, a trip to a local ER is an excellent idea, and just might ... gasp ... end up with finding out what's going on!

Good luck, Louie!  That damn stubborn man!  (Glad I'm not like that.)

I will have to catch up on what has been happening with your GG, I really do NOT understand your health system at all, all vets can go to ANY hospital for treatment here, and I think that is the way it should be, lets face it where would we be without our service people.  I hope everything turns out OK for GG.

It’s good to see you here!! Maggie and I were just today trying to figure out where you were and if you were okay.

Hi, I have just been trying to do a post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow "I hope", been really sick, and cant stand to have my foot dangling down, will do a post hopefully tomorrow, and thank you for thinking of me.

Will be watching here for updates on GG, Lulu...good luck and godspeed!

Yup, first I have to get him awake and moving! Uff.

good luck today and stick to your guns................enough right?

Oh now he says he won't go. He is being a turd. I was ready and cleared my morning. 

Then tell him you are taking him out to breakfast............and go.

I dont evenknow what to say, T gets that way and it really isnt him talking, its the disease...have they ever said anything about "bakers cysts" this happens to Dameon and he pretty much has the same thing going on, they drain the knee and up his steroids..(he has that kidney thing though) threaten to call an ambulance, that usually gets them going. I had to do that for D once when I was still in WI and he was in Phoenix, he gets out of his mind in pain.....Even though he is an adult, I authorized transport as his next of kin....

We are in the ER now. No blood clots. The Ultrasound was good. They are doing an excellent job. Yes, I'm sure the VA won't approve of this as it is not classified as a life threatening emergency.

That is so awful! 

Here the VA Clinic is in Lincoln.  They say, if you live 40+ miles away from the clinic, you can go to the local Dr. of your choice, and they will pay for the treatment.  Yeah, right, not!  We live almost 50 miles from the clinic, but they told Gary, he lives to close, so no local Dr. for him.  The VA hospital i in Omaha, over 4 hours drive away.  Doesn't matter, if he needs hospitalization, that's where he'll end up.

It's just not right that GG has to travel so far away for treatment!  He's still in my prayers, along with you!

Yes and the choice program is not very choice..y if you get my drift. No blood clots and ultra sound done. The knee is so gunky...non medical term that they have him seeing an orthopedic guy on Friday. The VA would have seen us, the PCP would have mulled it over and then put in a referral to ortho and may...be in a few months we'd get a call.

I don't care how the VA tries to sell it or those who wrote the Mission Act. It simply doesn't work. I tried to find an Urgent care place with their website. No dice, nothing local.

So we'll end up paying quite a bit, but I guess if he can be in less pain, that is much much better.

He is in good spirits tonight.

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