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5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Allergic Conjunctivitis.

Added: Tuesday, January 10th 2017 at 1:54am by Londonallergy
Related Tags: food allergies, allergy

Allergic conjunctivitis also known as “Pink Eye” in certainly no fun for anyone who’s had it. Children seem to get it a bit or at least use in their youth and every now and then you’ll find an adult who does as well. There are a few different reasons that someone might get pink eye.

 For most it’s caused by a viral infection, while others it’s from a bacterial infection and the list goes on. While for some people their natural reaction is to immediately run to the doctor for a prescription, there are at least five natural ways in which you can rid of pink eye, that most mothers swear by.

5 natural ways to get rid of allergic conjunctivitis

 Either yourself, someone you know or your child has shown up with pink eye and you’ve wondered what to do. By trying these few natural remedies, you may find you can avoid a long waiting room, an expensive doctor bill and prescriptions that are no fun to take. Let’s first start by discussing what exactly some of the symptoms are of pink eye. 

While the type of pink eye will vary depending on symptoms one thing is clear: It’s highly contagious! In some cases, patients experience a range of symptoms from discharge in their eyes, will move from eye to the other, and is no fun to have!

If you’ve come across a case of pink eye, then try these five methods out to try and naturally cure yourself of this aggravating ailment:

1.       Honey! While this might be hard to believe there are numerous case studies that have said that by applying the use of honey, they’ve have their allergic conjunctivitis clear up. This shouldn’t be all that surprising considering honey does contain anti-micro bacterial properties. Usually combining distilled water, with raw honey and the option of salt is a great mixture to use.

2.       Breast milk: While there are few studies done on this particular method, the ones that have, shown cases in which infants with pink eye had colostrum placed on the surface of their eyes and cleared up the pink eye. Further tests have also shown it to reduce the size of tumors in rats who were injected with it. This is thought to be due to the amount of health benefits found in the colostrum of breast milk.

3.       Colloidal silver: This one dates back for quite a long time and while some doctors still use a form of it, there are still some who recommend the use of it today.

4.       Herbal teas: There are about three different herbal teas out there that can be used to cure pink eye, one of which is Chamomile. Users can either use the pill form, drink the tea or even use some in a mixture to put in their eyes.

5.       The final natural remedy that we’ve come across are warm or cold water compresses. Some users reported using sterile water and salt to make a solution that has done wonders for them.

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