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What New E-Commerce Improvements Are We Getting In 2017?

Added: Friday, February 17th 2017 at 12:33am by LiloMarketing
Category: Technology
Related Tags: web development, webdesign

Over the years, we have notice a lot of changes and introduction of new trends in the ecommerce industry. Today, ecommerce has earned its importance by undergoing a significant evolution. Even a few years ago, the concept of ecommerce used to make business owners sceptic. Today, small scale businesses have also understood the importance of ecommerce for their survival. As we step into 2017, we are already noticing some changes in the ecommerce industry. Along with these noticeable changes, a few changes are anticipated in near future. In the following section, we shall discuss the global ecommerce trends that we are observing or we are going to observe in the year of 2017.

New Digital Payment Gateways

Today, we are on the verge of observing new digital payment gateways. Card swiping for payment processing is quite tiresome. You need to enter card details, and then you have to wait for payment processing through bank’s website. The whole thing is quite time consuming, and thus new methods or techniques for accepting digital payments are approaching. Popular payment gateway platforms, like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal will no longer ask for cards to process payments. Payments can now be made through fingerprint checking or online PIN verification. Use of digital wallets for payment processing is also a notable change in the ecommerce payment processing.

Revamped Logistics

After placing orders and getting the order confirmed from the seller, buyers have to wait for 7-14 days for the final product to be delivered at the doorstep by the logistic unit of the ecommerce seller. In 2017, we shall find revamped delivery process. The ‘Click and Collect’ concept has just started shaping up. By the middle of the year of 2017, this concept will get greater recognition. Ecommerce businesses will definitely adopt this innovative product delivery approach to lure in more customers. No one loves to wait for the purchased products to be delivered after such long time. Quickest product delivery will definitely be appreciated by the buyers.

 Personalisation and Big Data

Ecommerce personalisation is the concept that has been floating around for quite along time. Ecommerce businesses often aim to deliver personalised experiences to the buyers so that overall purchasing experience of the buyer can become highly satisfactory. Ecommerce giants like Amazon and other ecommerce platforms have introduced this concept. However, it is yet to reach amongthesmall-scaleecommerce sellers. In2017, this trend willcertainly change. Small scale organizations will also adopt ecommerce personalisation techniques. Incorporation of big data and artificial intelligence seems inevitable in the coming years.

Loyalty Schemes

We have seen that ecommerce websites often announce giveaways for new buyers. Certain benefits are provided to new buyers so that they can participate in purchasing activities. We have also noted appraisal to the users for referrals. Now, we are going to see appraisals for the loyalty of the buyers. Loyal buyers will get more discounts, exciting offers and innovative schemesfromtheecommerce sellers. Retaining loyal buyers is the key for steady business performance.


These are some of the key trends that we have already seen so far in 2017. More of such innovative trends are yet to unfold. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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