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Legal Analytics

Added: Thursday, May 22nd 2008 at 3:24am by legalanalytics
Related Tags: business

The Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is being the big phenomena driven by the booming BPO trend, is supposed to attain its soaring pinnacle and a large proportion will be contributed by Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) giving emphasize on delivering quality driven services at affordable price. LPO service support providers offering focused, quality, and in-depth litigation services to less the cost and reduce the risks. Country like India is having a competitive side over other countries regarding its common features of Jurisdiction with US and UK. By offering expertise in various subjects of law, LPO provider tenders pools of research based services to corporate firms, law firms, government agencies, and individual attorneys, etc.

Offshore providers with comprehensive years of domain experience in managing foreign clients do deep research on legal matters at all levels including multi jurisdictional survey, state, and federal laws regulatory, and international law case studies etc. The scope of Legal Analytical research service requires exhaustive e-library and electronic databases to explore on the specialized topics as per the clients' requirements.

The below given services in Legal Research & Analysis processed through rigorous growth cycle managed by experienced attorneys and trained law professionals:

  • Research and Legal analytics on diverse areas of laws like, foreign law, statutory law, regulatory, memorandum of law and case law etc
  • Generate briefs and memos as per the clients’ manual
  • Regulatory and Administrative law research
  • Multi-Jurisdictional survey to update the information on federal, state, and foreign laws
  • Legal Analysis on legislative history
  • Research on Jury verdict and Settlements
  • Research & Analysis on Intellectual property details, civil procedures etc
  • Regular update on last developments in statutory area

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