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Are You A Strong-hearted Person?

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, September 25th 2015 at 5:32pm by lalakitty
Related Tags: funny, random entry

16 Responses Created by lalakitty on September 25, 2015


Someone close to you dies, you:

  • Cry your heart out
  • Don't do anything
  • Call someone
  • Comfort someone who was also close


There's an animal in the road, you:

  • Stop the car and yell at it to move
  • Hit it
  • Scream and swerve into a tree
  • Drive around it


Your watching a scary movie and something scary pops up on the screen, you:

  • Run out of the room screaming
  • Laugh so hard soda comes out your nose
  • Fling popcorn in the air and cover face
  • Make a face back at the one on the screen


Your at a bar. What do you order?

  • Water
  • White wine
  • Vadka
  • Beer

User Comments

I guess getting them all wrong means I am not a strong hearted person?  I took it that it was a sort of personality test, not one with only one right answer.

Ha ha, I'm half hearted...though why beer is less hearty than vodka I'd like to know, poster must be Русский.

I thought vodka was stronger than beer lol

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