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What Will Be Your Response?

Added: Thursday, April 15th 2010 at 4:46pm by Kotaa123

42 Responses Created by Kotaa123 on April 15, 2010


If Someone Asked You To Jump Off A Highway Bridge Would You Do It?

  • Oh Yes!
  • No!
  • Wtf?!
  • Maybe >.>
  • Idk depends on how fars the jump


If A Hobo Asked For Spare Change Would You Be Rude?

  • No
  • Maybe
  • Idk
  • Yes
  • Hmmm, Depends On How Much Money I Have


If You Were Asked To Take This Quiz Would You?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Idk
  • Wdh, Duh Im Already Taking It


Would You Ever Take A Quiz Or Poll Thats 4 Hours Long?

  • No
  • Wth?!, Who Would De Dumb Enough To Sit There For 4 Hours??
  • Yes
  • I Might Stop Half Way
  • Maybe


What If This Quiz Never Stopped?

  • Omg, A Quiz Can Do That??
  • Uhh,Goodbye Computer
  • O.o,I'll Exit Out
  • I'll Keep Going
  • Shuting Down In 5...,4...,3....,2....,1...Goodbye


What If I Told You If You Get This Quiz Correct, You'll Win $10,000??

  • Oh Baby!..I'll Take It
  • Pshh,This Is Fake
  • You Ain't Got No Money
  • Why Would You Pay Us?
  • Yea Right Lier!


What If Blogster Deleted Its Webpage Would You Be Mad?

  • Omg,I Can't Live With Out Blogster
  • Wth?,I'll Create A Second One
  • I Would Die
  • I Would Cry
  • I Wouldn't Care


What If Your Computer Froze, And You Were On A Inapporiate Site?

  • I Would Shutdown My Pc Fast!
  • I Wouldn't Be On An Inapporiate Site Cuz Im Too Busy On Blogster
  • I Would Laugh
  • I Would Try To Cover Up The Screen
  • I Would Say Its A Pop-Up I Swear I Wasn't On This


What Would You Do If You Saw A Dog Driving A Car??

  • Wth?
  • Wtf?!
  • Haha, I Would Laugh
  • I Would Ask For A Ride
  • I Would Sit There In Astonishment


What If I Told You This Quiz Ends Here?

  • Noooooooooo!
  • Pshh Peace !
  • Ok Goodbye
  • Make Another One!
  • -.-", I Wasted Time Taking A Quiz,And Now You Wanna End Here?! Wtf Are You Serious??!

User Comments

Woot-Woot I Win!!!!!! =) Haha Jp I Cheated lol!

I got one out of ten right...thanks for making me feel good;(

Haha Aww Sorry;;




This quiz is kinda stupid. You are asking for our opinion, not a right or wrong answer.

On question 3 I feel I got it right >_^ no one asked me, I just did =]

that makes me feel smart. LOL!!!

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