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All about Kommetjie The Surfing Sweetheart of Cape Town South Africa

Added: Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 6:22am by kommetjiebeachretreats
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Kommetjie is a small fishing village near the southernmost tip of Africa in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, lying halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula close to Chapman's Peak and Noordhoek. A popular surfing spot, with pristine waves from the Atlantic Ocean, rocky reefs and dense kelp forests, Kommetjie is renowned for cray-fishing and hosts an annual cray-fishing festival which attracts locals and internationals for a day of fun-filled eating and beer drinking.


It’s a local place with a friendly community, a small public library, a handful of quaint beer gardens, some great hikes and walks and of course, the best surfing in the southern suburbs. This is a place where families live, fish and surf, internationals escape the hustle and bustle of Cape Town’s central business district and relax for the last few days of their South African holidays.  

In the small town there is a Shell garage, a small store, a laundry service, a Postnet, a video shop, various restaurants and cafés and even a renowned boutique hotel and many self-catering guesthouses and properties to let like Kommetjie Beach Retreats . It’s an ideal location for family holidays as well as couples on honeymoon and extremely popular in the summer months when the hot South African sun beats down on its pristine white beaches, which run for miles towards Noordhoek and Chapman’s Peak.

The Kakapo Wreck stands midway between Noordhoek beach and Long Beach in Kommetjie and is a popular landmark for walkers and horse riders. Kite surfing is another wonderful outdoor activity, served by the strong north westerly and south easterly winds here while children and dogs can frolic in the rock pools which litter the beach and make for great family photo opportunities.

Hosting a variety of indigenous fauna and flora, some of which are endangered, Kommetjie is renowned for the Milkwood trees which release a pungent smell in the heat of summer, birdwatching and notorious troops of Cape baboons which enter houses to steal food and shiny objects. Being a region with the fynbos biome of South Africa, Kommetjie holds the largest number of fynbos plant species per square kilometre of land in South Africa and some of the rarest and most beautiful plants grow her, facing extinction due to a large proportion of alien vegetation imported in the 1800s.

One can also visit the renowned 33m tall Slangkop Lighthouse which can be seen from the "Ou Kaapse Weg" between Constantia and the Noordhoek Valley. This landmark dates to 1919 and the Pick n’ Pay Argus Cycle Tour passes through annually. A hotspot for international surf contests, various breaks make Kommetjie a popular place to live and visit on holiday despite its position on the colder Atlantic coast of the peninsula. A peaceful, relaxing place, ideal for family holidays, Kommetjie is regarded by locals and visitors as the sweetheart of Cape Town’s southern suburbs and is really a rustic removal worth indulging in when visiting South Africa.

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