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How to use Kodi on Roku –100 % Working Method

Added: Sunday, June 4th 2017 at 10:55pm by kodionroku

Kodi is one of the best streaming media player software that is available for your Android & Windows based device which can play almost all type of media files that the users want to play. But as far as the case of Roku is concerned, there is officially no option available to make the Kodi use on Roku. But there is no need to get disappointed. We will explain here the process that will help you with answer to your query on How to put Kodi on Roku stick. An Android smartphone is that what is required in addition to Kodi and Roku for the successful implementation of this method. 

Here are the simple steps that you should follow to run Kodi on Roku stick without computer

Connect the Roku and the Android device to the same wireless network. As this process will not work on wired connection (on your Roku), this should be taken care at top priority.

Download Kodi for your Android device from the Google Play Store. This application is available there as a free software and hence can be downloaded without paying anything.

Next step is to make sure that the screen mirroring is enabled in your Roku device. This option is available under the Settings option followed by the System option. It is also necessary to check the software version of the Roku. Any software version below v5.6 will not support the screen mirroring option.

Allow screen sharing in your Android device also. This option might be available in the “Display” option of your smartphone. If not found, refer the device’s user manual.

Enabling this option in the Android phone will allow you to connect to the Roku from the list of available devices. 

Now turn on the Kodi app in your Android device and you will be able to view the same on your TV as well. 

Hope you understood the above steps and are eager to try this option. So, go ahead and enjoy the Kodi on Roku option. 

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