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How to run Kodi on Roku – Easiest Way

Added: Sunday, June 4th 2017 at 10:31pm by kodionroku
Category: Technology

The Key function for making the Kodi run on Roku is the screen mirroring feature. This feature is capable of replicating the exact screen of your Windows or Android phones on your TV screen. If this feature is enabled, then whatever windows you will open in your phone will get displayed in television as well.  If someone calls you in your phone in between the process, then the same will also be get replicated on the screen of the television. Anyhow, if you want to make the Kodi run on Roku, you should be ready to face these challenges as well. Please follow the below steps to run Kodi on Roku streaming stick. 

Enable the Screen Mirroring Option in Your Roku: -

This is the first step of the process. To enable the screen monitoring, check the below steps. 

In your Roku remote, click the Home button.

Go to Settings Option

Go to System Option

Select Screen mirroring and enable it


Enable the Screen Mirroring Option Your Windows/Android Smartphones: -

This second step is also as important as the first one. Here we are enabling the screen mirroring on your smartphone. As different phones have included this option in different submenus, it is hard to exactly describe the process. However, you can check the below menus to find this option. 





The options inside this menu item will also may vary in different phones. Screen casting, Cast, SmartShare, Wireless display are some of the common terms used for the screen mirroring option. You can check for any of these options in your phone. If not found, we recommend users to have a look at the user manual of your phone. 

As you are now ready with the settings on your Roku and the smartphone devices, you are all set to enjoy the solution for the question “Can Kodi be installed on Roku streaming stick”. The only thing left in this process is to run the Kodi in your smartphone. It will then be casted to your TV screens and that is what you are searching for. 

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