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are you a good girlfriend

Added: Saturday, September 24th 2011 at 7:35pm by klutzygirl

63 Responses Created by klutzygirl on September 24, 2011


you see your boyfriend walking you...

  • run up to him and give him a biggg hug and refuse to let go
  • dont bother noticing him there are cuter guys around me at the moment
  • walk up to him and give him a peck on the cheek
  • wave at him


your boyfriend calls you, you reply by saying

  • im talking to some other guy right now
  • pick up and answer with a cute hii and ask him what he's doing
  • ignore it
  • start talking straight awayy


he goes up to you and hugs you from behind you

  • turn around and give him a ton of kisses
  • close your eyes and enjoy the hug
  • shrug him off and talk to some other guy
  • kind of ignore it

User Comments

If she can believe I'm a lesbian in a mans body I'll make a good girl friend.

I need a good girlfriend


yay i make a good girlfriend

good job :)

I'll make a perfect girl friend.

haha nice

hey you are a cute girl what about you.hey sorry i m joking i also nee a new girl friend.thanks

Yay! I'm a flipping awesome girlfriend.... I already knew that tho... I'm just bored ;) lol jk but yay :p


I make the perfect girlfriend! yay!

hehe, i make the perfect girlfriend ;) lol x

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