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Added: Saturday, May 3rd 2008 at 8:44am by KEPPERatHOWRSE
Related Tags: games, hobbies

Guess what? I have a stable filled with quality show howrses! No no, not horses, howrses. I can't afford to have a horse of my own, but with howrse.com I can have as many howrses as I can imagine, and so can you!


Howrse.com is a horse sim game, which means it simulates the real horse world. Just like in real life, you start slow. You don't purchase five horses when you don't know a thing about them or the horse business; the same applies to howrse. You start off with only one horse. You can choose from a multitude of breeds from sleek thoroughbred to adorable chincoteague ponies. This first horse helps you to learn about how the game works. If after ten days you have successfully kept your horse alive and well, you can purchase another horse at the auction.


Going once, twice, sold to you for 653e! The howrse auctions are very much like the real thing, and are truly a blast to participate in. A horse is put in aucction at a starting amount (over 500e), and for the nest 3 days anyone can bid on them. I love a fast paced auction on a good horse, I constantly refresh the page and place a new bid if anyone bids over me to get the horse I want. After you have been a faithful howrse player for 90 days, you can enter the direct sales. Unlike the auction, a horse is put put for sale for a fixed amount. You can reserve one of your horses for another player or purchase one that anyone can take. The best thng about the direct sales is that you get the horse you want, plus you can ask for passes if it's a really nice horse you're selling.


That brings me to the game currency! Of course, you just don't go round buying horse for free. Howrse uses a ficticious currency called equus. It also uses passes, which you have to pay real money for over paypal to earn. You can also get passes in the game by purchasing a pass after your 50th say with equus. Sometimes you can enter contests on the game to win a pass (very much like what I am doing right now), grow pass seeds, or sell a horse for passes.


After you have acquired a good amount of horses, you can create breeding farms and try to breed the horses with the highest genetic potential...or the lowest for that matter. You can breed only purebred or you can mix it up a little and crossbreed. Don't like the way your colt turned out? Why not geld him so he won't produce foals that are less than your best. You can also brand the foals you breed with an affix. That way, if you sell that foal, other players can trace it back to its original breeder and view other horses with the same brand.


Again, just like in the real wold, you can't become a millionaire world renowned horse breeder without working for it. Every so many days, you have to take test about horses to pass a riding level. If you pass certain riding levels, you are rewarded. For example:


Riding level 1 -- become a groom

Riding level 2 -- become a riding instructor

Riding level 3 -- open an Equestrian Center!

Riding levels 7,8,9 --- win a horn of plenty!


There is so much more to howrse that I haven't even touched on, but howrse is such a huge (and expanding) game with players from all over the world! Players are helpful yet competitive; willing to share their success. There are moderators who help keep howrse safe for people of all ages. So what are you waiting for? If you're not already a part of the most realistic and fun horse sim game out there, sign up now and begin to create your dream stable.

C'mon, the howrses are waiting...

By Kepper

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you are awesome Kepper

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