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winter time

Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 12:16pm by katskorner

Snowed yesterday and last night. Got about 8 inches.

Furance quit working but we did not know until we needed it. We stayed warm and it is being worked on to see why it quit. We will stay warm fixed or not.

Voting all over and now just needs hand delivery. 

We are all good and doing well.

User Comments

Modern Conviences  they always seem to make themselves  needy when we need them most.............stay warm....

 Thank you I am not worried we shall stay warm

Yikes, that's va lot of snow!!  We got snow from you and Wyoming.  Not much, but enough almost 2 inches.  Since we got snow before halloween, along with bitter cold, tells me we're going to be in for a hard winter.

Hope the furnas is fixed now.  Hugs!

 ha now there are 2 old men working at it. I am not worried. We shall be warm.

8" already? {#crosseyed.gif} WOW!!! From what they're predicting, I'm bracing for a rough winter here.

The snow we got last night, clued me in, we're also going to have a hard winter.  We usually don't get snow, until after the holiday's, but if we gert snow before halloween, we'll be getting much more then we normally get.

 have had easy winters for a couple of years now so time for a heavy one

Same here... the past 4-5 years have been very mild. We're overdue.Holloween evening's forcast calls for a snow/rain mix.

8 inches here also to be followed by heavy rain for the next four days

I don't want the rain

It is not even winter time yet and your having snow I would guess earlly. Hope you will not have a cold, hard winter Sis. Kats. Sorry your furnace stopped working. Hope it is not going to cost lots too fix.

we are do it yourselfers so should not be too bad

But I sure do hope you can get it fixed cheap enough. Here I have two kinds of heat the Pellet Stove and Ceiling Heat. Bro. Doc

I hope you know how to fix it. And if you can't fix it then I am sure it will cost alot to fix. At least it does here to get a furnance repair. Stay warm Sis. Kats. bro. Doc

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace insert or anything if it gets really cold?

 gas cook stove and oven and some space heaters. it will be fixed some time I hope

I'd rather have rain.

Stay warm

I would rather rayn myself but I live in snow country

When I live it's already been talked about not much rain this winter so we will have to see.

 I hope you get the rain needed

I wish you could send me some of that snow Kat.  Shoot, we're still in the 80s here, ugh!

 I would gladly share

I would love that.  We have a hurticane headed toward New Orleans right now.  A good bit of cold and snow right now would steer that completely away from us.

.....make that hurricane*

Just so long as you are all good, is what matters. {#giveflowers.gif}

 thats what I think

That's for sure.

Stay safe kats.

 I try


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