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Added: Thursday, February 6th 2020 at 8:41am by katskorner

I have a large area under my kitchen sinks.  Some things go there and are forgotten if they can not be seen right away. Last night my baby boy found some Clorex wipes. He went looking for them.

Now these must have been there at least 2 years. The list of the germs it helps to kill is the human coronvirus. 

Not a new virus after all.

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Well omgoodness!  And its just being talked about now? Hmmm....

that was my thoughts too

Wow, I did googling on this, just now, and it also says the same thing about Lysol Spray.  We've got Lysol Spray, so I'm thinking of using it now, until the threat of this virus is over with.

I have Lysol spray I use it all the time

I have Lysol wipes. It probably covers the coronavirus as well.  Who knew!


It really brings into question these so called news articles. Reporting has really gone downhill over the years as facts seem not to matter. 

I agree

This virus has been shown to have been laboratory-created...there are markers in it that prove that.  So, is this actually a germ-warfare test by the China Commies?  ...very possible!

That thought crossed my mind

A new report I heard on talk radio said a coronavirus was stolen by some Chinese from a USA Virus Lab.  It ended up in Wouhan in the "Wouhan Virus Lab" ! ! !

I heard this also

BREAKING: China keeping two sets of coronavirus pandemic numbers? “Leaked” infection numbers over 154,000; deaths approach 25,000


Coronavirus Breaks Record — 73 Dead in One Day



Taking Money From China: Harvard University Professor Arrested

Federal authorities have arrested a professor from Harvard University after it came to light that he was secretly receiving payments from the Chinese government for research and had lied about his links to a Chinese-run recruitment program called the “Thousand Talents Program.” The individual, Charles Lieber, is chair of the department of chemistry and chemical biology at the university....read more »

let us just assume that it is a new strain like we get every year for the flu virus




Coronavirus highlights the dangers of socialism and the greatness of capitalism February 13, 2020 A firm in San Diego with a track record in beating viruses took a mere three hours to create a coronavirus vaccination. More

The coronavirus achieves all the top priorities of the globalists

If the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic began from an "accidental" release, it sure was a happy accident for the globalists. Everything the pandemic is achieving just happens to perfectly fit the top priorities of the globalist agenda. Consider the following: – The...

By Mike Adams | Read the full story

I've always thought under the kitchen is one of the creepest places in the home...LOL

Just looked at my Walgreens brand wipes and it also says Human Coronavirus

I call mine a black hole.

It is a new strain of virus. There are 4 other types of strains that affect humans plus many more that affect pets.

Anyway, good hygene, washing and bleach along with other things should help?


Maybe new is some parts of the world, but not here in the USA. Bro. Doc

I think maybe a new strain of it. I googled it

I think that is what I read too. Bro. Doc

The latest professional advice here in NZ recently, is that frequent and thorough washing of hands, is the most important personal safety measure. I wonder if you go along with that suggestion. Always feel very welcome to check us out.

Keeping your hands clean is a must yes. 

I have  black hole under the sink, it used to be for cleaners, animated-question-mark-sign-image-0018 so whom hasn't been using them lately I wonder, {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

we just forgot where they were put and thought we had  run out and bought more

Under our sink, is like something from another world, I have no idea what is under there...lol

My goodness now that is interesting.


Well that's good to KNOW!  THANKS!

your welcome

Thanks for the tip!

your welcome

I've got clorox wipes, lysol, and duct tape. We're good lol {#basic-laugh.gif}


Very interesting indeed.

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