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Added: Saturday, May 21st 2022 at 8:23am by katskorner

snowed all day yesterday finally stopped about 7 pm. still not much snow here as it was warm enough to melt most of it. cold today yet still warm enough to melt snow.

User Comments

Snow? It's been in the 90s here.

was in the low 80's here until yesterday. 

YoW!  What a change!

Good thing it is gone or will be soon Sis. Kats. Bro. Doc

Eek! A good 'eek' that is. Here's a wee snowman for ya:

Children Fashioned a Little Snowman. Stock Photo - Image of snow, nose:  166846514

Oh, image so not wee. Sorry 'bout that.

lol I see the snowman

I take it you're not in a "banana belt"  Are you higher than Loveland?

no, then loveland. about the same as denver, just about mile high

Chilly today too?

to me it was nice out

Good - hope you get a string of those. It's late May, after all....  :)

Great weather today - high of 66 with a morning low about 50. Marine fog above.

lol, 51 here right now with a predicted high of 81 

Oh my!  There should be a law against snow in May!

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