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phone scam

Added: Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 2:15pm by katskorner

A phone scam hit me yesterday. I did not listen to the whole thing but John with the India accent (why do these people pick on John and India) something to do with Direct TV well I called directtv. Nope not them.

This one was new to me.

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They don’t let up...

FREE INSTALLATION... leave the key under the mat and it'll all be installed by the time you come home from work. {#basic-laugh.gif}

{#thumbs_up.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif}

A friend of mine makes fun of their accents. They hang up.

I got one the other day saying I had won $15 million.  When he asked me if I was excited, I said  no. He said, you don't want the $15 mill?  I said no.  He said, 'what do you want me to do?'  I told him to shove it up his {#blah1.gif}{#blah1.gif}{#blah1.gif} then hung up.

I hate those phone scams.

I have a way to never have to talk to a phone scam, if I see the number on the screen and do not know it, I let it ring, and if it is someone important they leave a message and I call them back. Bro. Doc

Not good

I have personalized ringtones for my family and friends.i never answer any call that just rings. 

The very first day when I got my new phone and new phone number, I got a call soliciting donations. It didn’t take the telemarking long to start pestering calls. Lol 

Oh, I haven't had that one, I guess they will get around to us...lol

It's calls like this that make me wonder if everybody in India isn't a scam artist. 

Kats: an 86 year old friend of mine got this same call last month. She has Direct TV so they changed the narrative once they learned she was a customer. They asked her to verify her billing & credit card  information on her account. Yes, she provided it to them then realized after she hung up  she had been scammed. She had to contact the real Direct TV to alert them & change her cc and banking information once again. 

It's just a shame you have to answer your phone...i told you previously what I do now.

I usually know a scam right away......Sometimes I like to play with them sometimes I just tell them off

That's good. I read an article last week that advised to hang up immediately. Don't play with them as you get placed on a list as a "possible" target cuz you will talk with them. ( just what I read, Kats.) They also can record your voice then edit words to use to apply for credit cards & other nefarious acts.

Ahhh yes the reason when someone calls and says is this kathy I always say who is calling

That's smart reply.

OT: the Grands went camping for the first time 2 weeks ago. Last weekend they went on pony rides out in the woods on a ranch. I may post pics if I can figure out how to block out their faces. 

Awesome, it is good for the grands to do things together

Direct T.V. is a Satallite Co., that would like to take over Dish.  Neither are worth the hazzle. 

And those telephone scammers will try anything to get your money.  Wise decision in hanging up, and checking it out.

I currently have directtv because they made me a good deal and very cheap....for 2 years at which time someone else will make me a cheap deal and I can switch

Good thing it's not here.  We tried, twice, to get Direct T.V., but they said no.  It seems that there are way too many tree's between our house and their Satallite tower.  We had Dish for a while, but every time we had rain, or even a cloudy day, we'd lose it, so we went back to cable.

I think I would take the trees any day over satallite tv

I get all sorts of calls, one recently was regarding my car and its warranty. I know who would call me regarding that and it wasn't some robo caller. Besides, they had the wrong car.

I get the car warranty stuff in the mail.

Never ends does it. We have been getting a ton of calls per day now. They must rotate out numbers because we go for awhile with not much to constantly ringing. 

I never noticed that until you said something....yesterday only 1 call and it was a good call

Well I sure hope you get a long break from them. 

LOL I am back to the "my name is john and I am from windows tech"  I tell them they are stupid for using such an old scam and hang up

O' geez lol ... what is even sadder is that there are people who still fall for this.

you are right

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