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On One American News Channel

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, February 8th 2019 at 11:34am by katskorner

I am listening to the oversite committee's grilling of Temp. AG Whitaker......what I hear is them trashing him and Trump. 

The Dem's refuse to allow him to answer their questions until they are done yelling at him for 5 min. Then he gets a chance to answer he trys to remain calm.

They are yes or no answers they want from him, he wants to explain. 

They keep asking what Trump and him talked to each other about and he keeps saying he will not answer that question and he does not have to.

User Comments

Spoiled brat dems often morph to bullying-a__holes.

This is a bad show on their part


Attack with lies & abusive language.  Pray for 'em.

Same Democratic/socialist behaviour! Just attack, attack, attack! Vote them ALL out!

Yes please vote them out

...this happens in communist countries.

and how many babies were RIPPED out of their parents arms????? but no questions of how many babies ripped from womb

We're allowing them to set the narrative because they can scream louder.

Problem is they are in charge. Nadler is chairman of this one. 

And they own the media. Soundbite manufacturing.

This is what the next two years have to offer.

All we need for campaign ads are videos of leftist/liberal/democrat/communist's drama and meltdowns.

I agree

What it amounts too Sis. Kats, is a witch hunt. Bro. Doc

It is very disturbing

It is, but the Democrats are bent on getting President Trump out of office at all cost. After all this waste of time they have found him doing no wrong with Russia. They do not want him to have any money for a border fence. IF this had been Obama, they would have given it in one minute. Now they are going to try and force President Trump to up his tax returns. No law that I have read that he has too. They just do it as a kindness too the people. Bro. Doc


Hi Ambar

Hi, Kat


Yes they were bullies

They're apparently not interested in the truth and they're not even pretending to care.

They are only interested in finding womething on Trump they can impeach him with

I just can't listen to that garbag, more power to you Kats...

It was hard

I bet...

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