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number 2 daughter

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 7:18am by katskorner

And the cause of my recent depression. 

She was a joy and a trial from the start. She had colic. She cried all the time. I cried with her. Until we got it figured out. 

She was stubborn. Would not crawl or walk for the longest time. She did but not where any one could see. When I saw her crawl I knew she had been doing it for awhile, same with walking. 

Talking.....I heard her talk to the other kids so I knew she could. I refused to make her talk to me. Why because I knew once she started she would never shut up. I was right.

Seem like I could never give her enough attention. Everything made her cry. If someone got sick she would be next one sick. If a person needed glasses then she had to have some too. 

She ran away to live with her bio father. He never paid child support or contacted his children.....but he was happy to take her for a year or two.

She did come back into my life. She grew up. Not only did she become my daughter she became my friend. 

She recently moved to a different state. And that was what caused my trouble. She is not that far away but still not close either. 

I will be alright and so will she. She is feeling now what I did when she told me she was moving. 

A new adventure awaits her.

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children... sometimes a mixture of joy and pain... yes, we can call it an adventure

She is my best friend

Often times, the toughest child ends up just that. 

We love them even when we do not like them... :)

so very true

Good Morning Sis. Kats, we all have our joys and and heartaches with children. We cry, we laugh, we pick them up and mend them and pray for them and hope for the best. Maybe it is good she is where she is. Bro. Doc

I believe it is

Now, all one needs to do is pray for her. Which I know you do. Bro. Doc

yes I do for all 4 of them plus the grands and the greats and the spouses and my family here at blogster

I knew you did Sis. Kats. Bro. Doc

I had the same problem with my own daughter. She cried so much you would find me walking her up and down the hallway in the wee hours while bawling like a baby myself. I was so sleep-deprived and so tired of hearing her cry it just about did me in. And she wouldn't crawl either. She scooted on her rump. 


colic is so nasty

II could relate to a lot of what you just shared.  I hope all goes well with her. 

I am trusting God that it will

Children are a joy, when they're young, become rebellious in their teens, and when they reach adulthood, they either draw close, or continue to rebel, and want nothing to do with you.  My late ex brainwashed 2 of my children, the oldest and youngest.  They were angry at me for the longest time, until they saw the truth.  Now all 3 children know I love them, and will do all I can for them.

It is nice when you can be friends with your kids

Separation by miles is difficult...how well I know. The good aspect of this is that you are closer in heart and spirit now then before. May you both continue to work hard to keep the bond between you strong.

Thank you we will

It is so wonderful that your best friend is your daughter, you are very lucky, and I know that your best friend/daughter, will not let the distance in miles disturb your closeness.

She calls or texts every day.....{#basic-laugh.gif}

Thought she might. {#basic-smile.gif}

I moved out when I was 16, and at 23 took off from Ohio all the way to Florida with the intention of never coming back.  I lived as far from my folks as I could manage for most of my adult life but returned 5 years ago when circumstances rendered us facing homelessness.

I'm glad to be here now, but it's hurtful to look at all the photos my folks have of the grandkids growing up, the family bbqs and get togethers...I am not in ANY of them because I wasn't HERE. 

I do hope your daughter finds whatever situation she is looking for with this move, and I can  understand why it's made you sad, you're gonna miss her!

Hope she can visit often, too.

Be well, kats.

Thank you

When you have close relationships it is hard to not be close together. Hope you all are able to see each other soon and maybe on FaceTime or sometime. I know my daughter lives in our old town not far but not down the road that's for sure. So we Facetime etc... and it makes it easier when you feel at least you can see them. 

We have day to day contact

{#floating.gif} Good to hear. 

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